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Version 8.3.2

  • The display of date values in the "Last modified", "Last accessed", "Created on" columns and on the X-axis of the "History" chart was incorrect with certain date settings. This error has been fixed.
  • When searching for a user's files from within the user statistics, an incorrect search configuration was generated. This has now been corrected.
  • File search: An error when loading certain search filters created with previous TreeSize versions has been fixed.
  • File search: The "Include files / folders" selection of the "Simple search" is now correctly saved and restored when the application is restarted.

12 April 2022

Version 8.3

This update contains 7 Community Features from our Feature Voting Platform: Allow to pause a scan, numeric file search, find unique files and many more.

File Search

  • The duplicate search now also supports a mode to find unique files, i.e. files that have exactly no duplicates. For example, for migrations or backups, you can ensure that two folders are exact copies of each other, even if they are on technically different systems. To do this, simply select "Unique files" as search mode instead of "Duplicate files" or "Duplicate folders".
  • The search for duplicate folders has been optimized. Results are now found and displayed even faster.
  • Special search filters, such as "Number of pages" for Office files or the width and height of images, can now perform numerical comparisons. Likewise, time intervals can be used to search for date-based filters, such as "Last saved". You can access these by clicking the "More" item at the end of the search criteria drop-down list.
  • It is now possible to create new search templates and save them permanently, or to customize existing search templates.
  • The language syntax of the "Simple Search" now offers the property "size:", which can be used to restrict the search to certain file sizes. More detailed information and examples can be found in the program help.
  • The "accessed:", "created:" and "modified:" properties can now be used in the "Simple Search" to restrict the search to specific time intervals using the language syntax. More detailed information and examples can be found in the program help.
  • Result lists can now also be sorted by their checked state, so that all checked files are arranged together at the top of the list.
  • When exporting duplicate search result lists to a CSV file, an additional column is now added to make the group membership of the files clear.
  • Search filters can now be easily reordered using drag and drop.
  • The area for creating and editing search filters can now be expanded and collapsed.

Main module

  • The icons in the user interface have been redesigned for a more modern Windows 11 style look.
  • The ability to add scan filters in the options has been renewed. The new dialog is more user-friendly and offers additional functions for combining filters. More metadata is now available for filtering.
  • A scan in progress can now also be paused and resumed. This was the feature request with the most votes on our feature voting platform.
  • The scan speed has been increased, especially when many threads are used for scanning.
  • SharePoint scans now supports multi-factor authentication using a certificate file.
  • The TreeSize bulk renamer can now be started directly from a shortcut in the Windows Start menu.
  • Bulk Rename of files and folders now also supports exporting and importing rules to a file.
  • Using the new command line parameter "/CSV" you can now explicitly distinguish between text and CSV format, regardless of the selected file extension. (Professional edition only)
  • The costs incurred for the used disk space can now also be displayed in a separate column in the statistics for file types, users and file age, as well as for the top files. 
  • Archive files in ZIP, VHD, VHDX or ISO format can now be dragged into the background of the directory tree just like folders in order to analyze them with TreeSize.
  • TreeSize is now also available in Norwegian and Polish.
  • The "Top 100 Files" have been renamed to "Top Files" and can now be found under the new name in the user interface and help.
  • When starting the file search from the main module for a group of scans, all scan targets of the group are now correctly created in the TreeSize file search again. 
  • The FTP protocol is no longer supported, as already announced in the V8.2 release. Please use the SSH protocol.
  • When applying NTFS compression to a folder, not all subfolders and files were compressed. This problem has been fixed.
  • Virtual disks can now be accessed by multiple TreeSize instances in parallel.
  • File operations dialog: Fixed an error when creating the undo script, previously created symlinks/hardlinks were not properly deleted.
  • When sending reports via email, a possible error in communication with MS Outlook was fixed.

4 March 2022