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Version 8.1.1

  • The treemap chart is now exported correctly again.
  • A possible freeze of the user interface when displaying MD5 or SHA256 checksums has been fixed.
  • File search: An error that could occur when using an invalid regular expression has been fixed.
  • File Search: An error that could occur when creating a new automated task for file search was fixed.
  • File Search: A possible program crash caused by resetting the options under certain circumstances has been fixed.
  • File Search: The color display of compressed data in dark mode has been improved.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements have been made.

30 March 2021

Version 8.1.0

  • With our brand-new Consultant License, you can now manage your licenses even easier! The Consultant License is a so-called Named User License. The license is assigned to one person in the licensee's company. This has the surplus value for the named user that he may install the software one after the other on any number of machines in your own company or at different customers’, for the period of use. This makes license management less complex. Especially IT-Admins or technicians who work on a variety of different systems will benefit from this new option. Please check our full license agreement for more details or visit our Shop to obtain a license.
  • Starting with the upcoming version 8.2, TreeSize will no longer support Windows 7 and we will also no longer provide a 32-bit version. For customers who still need one of both, V8.1 will still be available for download in our customer area under "Older Versions".
  • TreeSize now has a dark mode, i.e. a dark theme for the user interface. Its activation can either be linked to the Windows setting for the dark theme, or it can be switched on and off specifically. This feature requires Windows 10 1809 or later.
  • TreeSize now supports the enumeration of ZIP files. To use a ZIP-file, you can use the path to the ZIP file just like a folder.
  • The option to copy the file list of a file type is now also available for file groups.
  • The option to generate an expandable Excel report ("File > Options > Export > Excel") now also affects the export of the list of file types, whose file groups are also fold-out. Analogously, such an option can be activated in the TreeSize File Search options for the Duplicate search.
  • Date values can now also be displayed in the internationally standardized ISO date format.
  • The File Operations dialog now has an option to preserve the timestamps (creation date, modification date, last access) of files when performing a copy or move operation on the file system.
  • File search: The new "Templates" function replaces predefined searches like "Oldest files", or "Largest files". A new drop-down list contains a variety of predefined templates that serve as a starting point for a new, fully customizable user-defined search.
  • File Search: A new "Simple Search" feature has been added to the file search, allowing quick and easy searching of search criteria, similar to the Windows Explorer search box. Benefit from the fast TreeSize search engine, the many supported search targets including the cloud, the numerous export formats for the results and the powerful file operations that can be applied to them.
  • File search: The user interface for search filters has been completely redesigned to improve appearance and usability. Search criteria such as file name, size, or age can now be freely defined in a central location and even combined as desired.
  • File search: A new option that allows to display the highest search hit per directory branch in the directory hierarchy has been added. Subfolders or files of a folder are no longer displayed as search results if the entire folder meets the search conditions.
  • Administrators can now define default settings for various options via the Windows Registry. These will then be used instead of the factory settings when TreeSize is started for the first time or when resetting the options. For easier configuration of these options, administrative templates are available for the Windows Group Policy Editor. More information and downloads can be found in the online help.
  • Inaccessible paths in the drive list are now shown disabled.
  • The suggested file name for the export file is now derived from the path to be exported.
  • TreeSize now displays a warning when moving files or folders from a system directory, as it does when deleting. This also applies to the File Operations dialog.
  • The batch rename dialog now uses the same sort order for sequentially numbered renames as the user interface.
  • Folders that are currently being scanned are now also marked with an hourglass icon in the Details list.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) credentials for SharePoint scans can now be saved and reused without having to enter them again.
  • The command line option /HideSmallFolders for hiding smaller folders in exports can now be set independently of the expansion level (/Expand). (Professional Edition only)
  • When performing a Drag&Drop operation in the directory tree, it will now scroll automatically when reaching the top or bottom of the directory tree.
  • The support for Windows high contrast display mode has been improved.
  • Opening URL files by double-clicking them now works correctly.
  • A rare error when deleting files from the Top 100 list was fixed.
  • In rare cases, the used disk space was calculated incorrectly when scanning local drives. This problem has been fixed.
  • In certain cases, the file preview still showed the contents of a file that had just been deleted. This error has been fixed.
  • The redirection of standard and error output when TreeSize was started from the command line now works as expected.
  • File search: A possible error when searching SharePoint documents by file content has been corrected.
  • File search: A potential error when searching for file contents has been fixed. old .MSG files created under Windows XP could cause a crash.
  • Various minor corrections and improvements have been made.

17 March 2021