What is New in TreeSize?

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Version 9.1.5

Error corrections

  • An error when creating the portable installation has been corrected. All files required for execution are now copied to the portable data carrier again.

  • An error when writing and loading SQLite index files for scans of all site collections of a SharePoint tenant has been fixed.

  • If an export of a SharePoint scan was heavily throttled, it could happen that the export was incomplete. This bug has been fixed so that all files should now be included in the export, regardless of throttling.

  • When trying to scan an Outlook mailbox with a 32-bit version of Outlook, an unhandled error occurred. Instead, a message is now displayed stating that only the 64-bit version of Microsoft Outlook is supported.

  • File Search: Search filters for the "Media > Length" column now interpret the value entered by the user in seconds. Previously, the unit 100ns was used, as it is stored internally by the file system.