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Archive, copy, or move files

Sometimes temp files remain on your hard drives or deleted accounts of former users leave files behind. Since those remnants waste disk space, they should be removed regularly. The TreeSize File Search can help!

TreeSize offers options for file search results. You can:

  • archive the files in the ZIP format.
  • move files to a different loaction burn them to a CD or DVD.
  • define your own scripts or programs and pass the checked results list as parameter to themto perform any desired operation.
  • delete checked files or move them to the Recycle Bin.
  • copy files to any location - this feature is very handy for file migration.

TreeSize can create a log file as well as an undo script. You can use the latter to revert all move operations (optical media excluded).

In the Professional Edition, the file operations can be performed for each scheduled file search automatically and in regular intervals.

TreeSize can preserve the directory structure or each file's NTFS permissions.

In addition, you can leave symbolic links or NTFS hardinks in place of moved old files, enabling other users to access them in their new location.

Use case:

You want to use a SharePoint for cross-departmental work with MS Office and thus need to migrate all office documents to the new server while preserving the folder structures. With the help of the TreeSize File Search you find all files of the corresponding type and copy them to the SharePoint. The log file guarantees traceability. After a last check has shown you that all files have been copied you archive the documents on the old server (e.g. in a ZIP file) - and you are done.

Use the TreeSize File Search

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