Filter and compare search results by columns from Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer columns for TreeSize File Search

Are you looking for files with special specifics like certain creation date or image width?

The TreeSize File Search lets you filter search results by columns known from the Windows File Explorer. In combination, you can perform numerical comparisons in your search results. Let's find out how!

Select Windows Explorer columns as search filters

Configure Windows Explorer columns as search filters using the custom search of TreeSize. Include Windows Explorer columns as filters by clicking the "More" item at the end of the drop-down list containing the search criteria. A window pops up, in which you can decide on further file metadata to filter by. Then fill in the search configuration  like you are used to it from the intuitive TreeSize custom search.

It's possible to filter by a certain string as well as running more complex numerical comparisons.

How to perform numerical comparisons with TreeSize

With the help of TreeSize File Search filters, it's possible to perform complex numerical comparisons for your needs. Just combine all possible filters as you like. Here are some use case ideas:

  • You can use TreeSize to search for Office files with a certain number of pages, for example.
  • Or how about searching for all image files with a certain pixel width and height?
  • Often enough, you are looking for files that were edited some time ago - just use a date-based filter and define the date desired files were last saved.

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