Find The Largest Files On Your System

Your server or personal computer just stopped working because the system partition ran out of space. You need to free up disk space urgently and this is done easiest by deleting some large files!

Luckily, TreeSize is installed on your machine. A minute later you find the largest files on your machine. And there's your first candidate: the 14 GB log-file of the software you installed on your primary partition two weeks ago and promptly forgot about.

TreeSize helps deleting the largest files

TreeSize assists you in systematically and quickly freeing up disk space in this situation. TreeSize lists the largest files of a scanned drive or path sorted by size descending. Of course the default value of 100 can be changed in the Options dialog of TreeSize.

In addition, you can now select whether the size or the used space should be used as a reference variable. For each file a lot of information can be shown, among them:

  • File name
  • File type
  • Full path
  • File's size and the space allocated on disk for the file
  • Creation date, last change, and last access dates
  • File owner

The "Top Files"-tab shows the largest files on the scanned file system, thus helping you check for unwanted disk space usage and quick emergency disk cleaning of unnecessary clutter.

Using the TreeSize File Search you can search for large and unwanted files using additional search criteria, like file age or file type. Besides deleting the unwanted files, it allows you to move them to another disk space like a USB drive. This can be useful if you are not sure if someone might still need some files.