ShellBrowser Delphi Components


What is New in ShellBrowser Delphi Components?

Version 12.0


  • The component for managing the installation keys has been renewed. Therefore, all customers need new installation keys for V12, which are available in our customer area.
  • RAD Studio versions XE3 - XE6 are no longer supported. 
  • When adding a ShellBrowser component to a form, the dependent units are now automatically added to the uses clause. This avoids the need manually find and add units e.g. when implementing an event in a ShellBrowser control, that uses types from other units.
  • TJamFileList, TJamShellList, TJamShellTree: To improve the "OnBeforeShellCommand" event and avoid a breaking change, there is now a new "OnBeforeCommand" event, that passes a configuration record with details on the command being called, and allows to intercept further execution of the command (just like the parameter "AllowExecution" in OnBeforeShellCommand). 
  • TJamFileList: Using the new "ExecuteDelete" property, you can now control, whether deleting items from the FileList using the context menu or keyboard deletes items in the file system or only removes the items from the list. Note, that the default value is false, which is a functional change compared to prior versions.
  • TJamShellList: The dialog for column selection now includes an option to filter columns by name.
  • TJamFileList: If the user presses Ctrl-V in the FileList, files in Clipboard are now added to the FileList. The same functionality can be achieved by calling "TJamFileList.InvokeContextMenuCommand(saPaste)". 
  • JamBrowseForFolder: The TJamBrowserForFolder dialog now has a new flag TJamBrowseFlag.bfAllowMultiSelect that allows a multi-selection of folders. If this flag is active, the folders will be supplied in the new "ItemIdLists" property, which can be easily iterated using a for-in-loop. 
  • TShellBrowser: Added TShellAction.saOpenWith which allows to programmatically trigger the "Open With" dialog for a file.
  • TJamFileList, TJamShellList, TJamShellTree: The "OnMouseWheel" event is now available in the object inspector. 
  • TJamFileList: Using the new "CaptionFormat" property, it is now possible to control if the caption displays the complete path or only the file name of an item.   
  • TJamFilePreview: Like in Windows Explorer, previewing files from cloud storage that are not available offline, won't display the IPreviewHandler based preview to avoid a download of the file. This does, however, not affect thumbnails, so image files can be previewed normally.  
  • TJamShellList, TJamShellTree: The "ghosted " state of items, that appears when an element is cut, is now refreshed more often, and is reset if pasting fails or is cancelled.


  • TJamShellList: A problem where the contents of columns were not displayed correctly in library folders has been fixed. 
  • TJamShellList, TJamShellTree: A problem, where some elements in the Desktop folder of Windows 11 were shown duplicated, has been fixed.
  • TJamFileList: Adding items to a hidden file list and showing everything later now works as expected. 
  • TJamShellSearchEdit: The search could possibly return too many, seemingly unrelated results. This has been corrected.  
  • Several minor issues have been fixed and improved.

12 May 2023