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ShellBrowser .NET Componentsv6.1Native Explorer Shell Controls for .NET



You are a Microsoft Most Valued Professional or a Microsoft Certified Trainer?

Here's what we can offer you!

  • Enhance Your .NET Application with Drop-in Shell Functionality

  • Look-and-Feel of the Windows Explorer

    • The ExplorerBrowser provides a complete, configurable Windows Explorer view.
    • Windows Shell context menu.
    • Drag-and-drop with the Windows Explorer and similar applications.
    • Different view styles: The ShellListView supports small icons, large icons, list, details and thumbnails.
    • Overlay icons are supported.
    • Installed Shell extensions supported by the Windows Explorer are also supported by the ShellBrowser .NET Edition
    • Background context menu in the ShellListView is supported.
  • How-to Guides

  • 100% C# Code - transparent costs

    • The components are based on the .NET Framework Controls and are written in 100% C# code; no additional DLLs or ActiveX controls are necessary.
    • The ShellBrowser .NET Edition is royalty free and involves no runtime fees.
    • Supports Visual Studio 2010 and higher.