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The PathEdit component enables users to either enter a path or browse for it. To open a browse dialog, the user simply clicks on the [...] button on the right side of the combo box. You can use the path property to define a default path or the get the path the user has chosen. Use the FolderMode property to define whether the user will browse a path to a file or folder.

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With the ShellChangeNotifier component you can receive and react upon information about changes in the file system, e.g. copy, move, or delete operations as well as any other relevant shell operations, like Net Shares und Unshares or the insertion or removal of media. You can configure the events you want to receive from the change notifier and restrict the part of the namespace that shall be watched for changes.

ShellChangeNotifier supports the following Windows Shell Notification events in its EventFilter property:


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With the ShellHistoryToolStrip you can add a browse history and corresponding navigation buttons to your application. Once the control has been connected to other ShellBrowser components via its ShellControlConnector property, it records the browse history and makes it accessible to the user via the back and forward buttons or via dropdown lists allowing direct access. The number of entries kept in the history can be adjusted with the HistoryMaxLength property.

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The ControlPanelTaskDialog provides an easy way to open groups or single tasks in Windows Control Panel. The following few lines of code will for example open the "Date and Time" dialog:

ControlPanelTaskDialog lControlPanelTaskDialog = new ControlPanelTaskDialog(); lControlPanelTaskDialog.ControlPanelItem = ControlPanelItem.DateAndTime; lControlPanelTaskDialog.ShowDialog();

Thus, you can add shortcuts for often needed administrative tools to your application.


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