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Synchronize .NET Components

The ShellControlConnector is a non-visual .NET control. It enables you to keep other ShellBrowser components (e.g. ShellTreeView, ShellListView, ShellSearchEdit and ShellFilePreview) in your application in sync without having to write a single line of code.

Simply drop a ShellControlConnector component on a form and assign the ShellControlConnector property of all components to the connector. The linked Shell components will automatically keep their selection in sync.

ShellControlConnector synchronizes components

To disable a ShellControlConnector temporarily, use the Enabled property. When using checkboxes in the ShellTreeView or ShellListView, a ShellControlConnector collects the checked elements. You can also add elements to this collection by code.

Connected ShellBrowserComponents will automatically reflect the contents of the ShellControlConnectorSelection property.

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