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Preview files in your .NET application

The ShellFilePreview control integrates the preview pane known from the Windows Explorer (first introduced in Windows Vista) into your application. Users can see file content without having to actually open the files.

The ShellFilePreview .NET component shows the content of files without opening them

The ShellFilePreview .NET control connects to the registered IPreviewHandlers and uses them to render files. If you want to modify an IPreviewHandler, you can change it in the LoadPreview event.

The contents of the preview control can be set via the Path property and you can use the ShellControlConnector component to synchronize it with other controls, e.g. a ShellListView.

If you want use the preview for images only, we recommend using our ThumbnailImage control. If you require an entire Explorer, simply use the ExplorerBrowser .NET component.

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