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As of March 2017, the following components will be included in the finished edition. Newly added components will be listed here, so make sure to check back often. Want to receive a heads-up when new features are added? We will drop you a line if you register for update emails.

Emulate the Windows Explorer: ExplorerBrowser


Create custom file dialogs or add an entire Windows Explorer to your app with the ExplorerBrowser component. You want to emulate select explorer features instead of the whole set? ExplorerBrowser has your back!

Integrate Combo Boxes


The ComboBox control adds a fully configurable Windows Explorer combo box for shell objects.

Access the Windows Shell Namespace


ShellBrowser is a non-visual WPF component. Use this control to access the Windows shell namespace, query shell object information, or perform context menu operations.

Add a File Preview

File Preview

The preview feature known from the windows explorer is a handy tool to check a file's content. Use the File Preview control to access the IPreviewHandlers embedded in your operating system to automatically show previews for all files supported on your computer.

Implement Thumbnail Images


The Windows Explorer uses API calls to display thumbnail previews of files or folders. With the Thumbnail Image WPF control you can easily add this functionality to your app.

React to Changes: Change Notifier


Use the Change Notifier WPF control to receive information about relevant shell operations and define how your application will react.

Easy Navigation: History Tool Strip


Integrate a history to your Application and use the back/forward buttons known from the Windows Explorer with the History Tool Strip WPF component.

Quick Folder Selection: BrowseForFolder


BrowseForFolder is the Windows dialog enabling users to select a folder - simply hosted as a configurable WPF component. It can be used the same way as the “Microsoft.Win32.OpenFileDialog” (with the exception that it will open folders, not files).

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