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Integrate Explorer windows in your application

ExplorerBrowser is a new control emulating an entire Windows Explorer. The .NET component includes different panes such as a folder tree for easy orientation, a shell list displaying the current folder, a combo box for quick navigation as well as a file preview and search component for more comfortable search. Single panes can be hidden or shown as required.


Under Window Vista and higher, the control is wrapping the "ExplorerBrowser" COM Object internally. Thanks to this, you can integrate a close approximation to the Windows Explorer without facing the hassle of COM objects and interfaces yourself.

Instead you can use and configure the component just like any other .NET Windows Forms control. Via drag-and-drop service you can easily modify or transfer data. Of course the Explorer Browser integrates with other ShellBrowser .NET components and offers known properties and methods like "InvokeCommandOnSelected".

If run under Windows XP, the ExplorerBrowser uses other ShellBrowser .NET components such as the ShellTreeView to provide the same functions.

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