SmartPOP2Exchange Changelog

What is New in SmartPOP2Exchange?

Version 8.9

  • New version SpamAssassin in a Box V2.5.0.18.
  • New SpamAssassin version V3.4.4.
  • Wildcards can now be used for the Auto-Whitelist exceptions.
  • New version of ClamAV in a Box V1.0.5.14.
  • New version of the virus scanner: ClamAV V0.103.0.
  • The signature update no longer blocks ClamAV.
  • The RAM consumption has increased due to the new way of signature management.
  • If necessary, the value for "ConcurrentDatabaseReload" in the file "clamd.conf" can be set to "No" to restore the old behaviour with less RAM consumption.
  • The update of the SaneSecurity signatures now no longer restarts the "ClamAV in a Box" service. Problems caused by the inaccessibility of the virus scanner service have been fixed.
  • SmartPOP2Exchnage v8.9 now only supports 64-bit operating systems

12 November 2020