SmartPOP2Exchange Changelog

What is New in SmartPOP2Exchange?

Version 8.8

  • OAuth2 authentication for retrieving email from and Office365 is already supported by SmartPOP2Exchange.
  • The Event Viewer has now even more flexibility in filtering. You can select a separate filter condition for each column.
  • The limit of accounts to be processed simultaneously has been increased from a maximum of 8 to a maximum of 32.
  • A new condition for checking the size of attachments has been added.
  • The option "Add the path of saved attachments to message content" only optionally adds a clickable link now.
  • The action "Send the following automatic reply to the sender" uses now the email address stored in the SMTP account.
  • Under certain circumstances an error message was displayed incorrectly when displaying the IMAP settings. This has been fixed.
  • A problem with the server settings in the dialog for resending emails was fixed.

08 June 2020