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What is the maximum number of users that can be handled by SmartPOP2Exchange, assuming I purchased unlimited license ?

The unlimited version of SmartPOP2Exchange is not limited in the number of accounts or users.

My company has around 70 pop3 gmail accounts. We are currently running popcon to collect the mails and forward them to exchange server mailboxes. As the process of collecting mail is done sequentially, and the mail delivery is only done at the end of each cycle, mail can take over an hour to be delivered.We are looking for an alternative…Does your product check pop3 acounts sequentially or simultainiously?Does it deliver direct to mailboxes in Exchange?

SmartPOP2Exchangedoes also checks one account after the other (POP3/IMAP). But after the download messages from one account are processed parallel (including sending to your SMTP/ExchangeServer).You can set different intervals for checking on each account and set the maximum number of messages to be downloaded from on account. that way you can prefer certain accounts by setting a smaller interval and setting the maximum number of messages to e.g. 10 will affect that SmartPOP2Exchange does not neglect any account further down in the account list.

I need SmartPOP to send a bounce back message when it encounters an e-mail for which there is not valid account. How can I configure this?

This is not possible. But you can configure your Exchange Server to accept all mail and let your Exchange Server create such bounce mails.

In the rules we can select the rule for CC: and TO:but we cannot find how to route the BCC: We work with a licensed 5.46

The reason for is simple: BCC recipients are not listed in a mail message.
So there is no way to find out BCC recipients by analysing a mail message content.

How do you setup the download interval. On the settings tab there are the download internal and timeout. But also on the schedule their is an interval.What does each of these do.what is the differece between the two?

The interval on the "Settings" and on the "Schedule" tab is the same. If you change one that other one will change too.
So this are just two places where you can modify the same value.

How to configure the program to an account in IMAP retrieves the INBOX folder but all subfolders create in the INBOX folder.How to configure account or program in order to download the other folders (as sent) in addition to INBOX.

You need to create one IMAP account for each folder you like to check:"name"
      +-- "destinationaddress"
            +--- "INBOX"
            +--- "BESIDEINBOX"
Use aright mouse click on the SMTP account to add an IMAP account to an existing SMTP account.See also:

When I tried to send an email to an catch-all mailbox which will be collected by smartpop2exchange some BCC recipients don 't get the mail. Why?

Please first have a look at FAQ in the help of SmartPOP2Exchange.
In case of using BCC there is definitely a loss of mails for server with the upper described behavior. BCC recipients are not stored in the header of a mail (that’s the sense of BCC).
So no software is able to replicate mails for BCC recipients.
You see, this is no bug. It’s simply impossible if the pop3 server has this wrong behaviour.
In general we do not recommend to use catch-all accounts because of this issue.

How do I download mails from IMAP folders other than INBOX

Just substitute the "INBOX" text in the IMAP settings of "Mailbox" by the name of the desired folder. You can also use "INBOX/subfolder" or "INBOX\subfolder" (depending on your provider) for retrieving messages from subfolders.

it is possible to shape smart so that it leaves the mail on the server when it is connected?

In the manual of SmartPOP2Exchange you can this about your question: Q:    I want to leave all messages on my POP3account in order to use as a backup. Is it possible?
A:    No this isn 't possible. We do not recommendthis setup, because a POP3 is usually not designed to hold large amounts ofmails and can get extremely slow. However you can use the rules engine ofSmartPOP2Exchange V6 to send a copy of every incoming message to any emailaddress you want. So maybe you can create a "backup" Exchange accountand store your messages there. For leaving mails on server the IMAP protocolshould be used. IMAP is also supported by SmartPOP2Exchange.

I did have 11 accounts setup and started to receive the following error in the log:There are more imap/pop accounts than allowed. In this version of SmartPop2Exchange only 10 imap/pop accounts will be checked.I have deleted one of the accounts so I have 10 but I keep receiving this error and it is starting to spam the logs.

Be sure you really created only 10 POP3/IMAP/RSS accounts. SmartPOP2Exchange does not count user accounts it counts POP3, IMAP and RSS accounts.

1/16/2008 2:19:57 PM Error while opening POP3 connection to " "( Socket Error # 10060 Connection timed out. --> A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. This error is happening a lot. What can I do?

As the error message already explains, "Connection timed out" means the connected party (POP3 server) did not properly respond within the desired period of time.
Try increasing the value of the timeout setting in SmartPOP2Exchange. Use either the global settings or the timeout settings under "Expert settings"of that POP3 account.
Values between 120 and 300 are common for timeouts. Depending on our internet connection type/speed and if the server is busy you even set that value up to 600.

Can SmartPOP2Exchange automatically read all folders structure from an IMAP account and forward all messages found in these folders to Exchange?

SmartPOP2Exchange does not automatically read all folders of an IMAP account. But you can create accounts in SmartPOP2Exchange for each folder of your IMAP server.Like:Account 1:
 Mailbox: INBOXAccount 2:
 Mailbox: INBOX/SUBFOLDERAccount 3: