The Real Look-and-Feel

The ShellBrowser component set provides easy access to the Windows Shell functionality.

No matter if you want to program in Delphi or .NET - our Explorer Controls provide the look and feel of the Windows Explorer up to and including Windows 7. Simply drop the controls on your forms or dialogs to create an Explorer-like UI.

The ShellBrowser Components support a wide range of controls allowing you to enhance your application with drop-in shell functionality:

  • Several visual and non-visual components are included.
  • ShellTreeView, ShellListView and ShellCombo help you create explorer-like applications with just a few clicks.
  • ShellTreeView, ShellList, and FileList provide fully functioning tri-state checkboxes.
  • To optimize the reactivity and speed of the user interface, thumbnails and icons are queried using background threads.

Simulate Windows Explorer

The ShellBrowser Components help you clone the Windows Explorer and include its functions into your user interface:

  • Add the Windows Explorer context menu.
  • OLE drag-and-drop with the Windows Explorer and similar applications
  • ShellList and FileList support different viewing options. Choose between small, large and extra large icons, the detailed view and the thumbnails view.
  • Overlay Icons are supported too.
  • The ShellBrowser controls support all Shell extensions supported by the Windows Explorer.

100% Native Code

The controls of the ShellBrowser Components are written in 100% native code. No additional DLLs or Active X controls are needed.

Transparent Costs

The ShellBrowser Components .NET and Delphi are royalty-free. There are no runtime fees or hidden costs.