TreeSize Free

Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

TreeSize Free shows the size of a folder including all subfolders and files. In an Explorer-like style, also the wasted space

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TreeSize Mobile

Manage Disk Space on Your Smartphone

TreeSize Mobile analyzes the size of folders and files on a Windows Smartphone. That way, space hogs can quickly be identified and deleted.

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TreeSize Touch

Manage Disk Space on Mobile Devices

TreeSize Touch analyzes the size of folders and files on a volume. The application was tailored to the use on touchscreen-based mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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SmartSerialMail Free

Creation and Sending of Personalized Serial Mails and Newsletters

With SmartSerialMail Free you have the opportunity to individualize your newsletter for each recipient by simply using templates, e.g. to address your customers personally with their first and last name, similar to a serial letter.

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Phone Monitoring Freeware

SmartCallMonitor automatically matches caller data with existing Outlook contacts and displays them. With log file for incoming calls, detailed view and reverse lookup in online services.

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Free Stress Test Tool for Your PC

HeavyLoad simulates a heavy load on your computer and tests the reliability of resources like processor, memory or hard disks. Hence you can test the stability of a computer or server before using it in a productive system.

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Freeware for Ultra-Fast File Search

UltraSearch searches folders and files on local NTFS drives. You can target file names or patterns. Works without an index and provides results within seconds. Portable version available.

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Create Lists of Directory Contents and File Properties

File list is a command line utility and creates a list of files for a given path in CSV format. This list includes file name, size, path, file extension, date of last access, last change and creation date of the file.

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SpamAssassin for Windows

Freeware for Spam-Scoring

SpamAssassin for Windows is an anti-spam filter that evaluates the spam probability of emails with scores. When used in a productive server, it should be watched by a service.

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