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JAM Software is Looking For Translators

Become a Volunteer Translator and Get A Free License!

We are proud of the worldwide popularity of our disk space management software and would love to offer it to everyone in their native language.

TreeSize, SpaceObServer and UltraSearch are already available in many popular languages such as German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. Thanks to the help of our great volunteer translators, we are looking forward to further translations, which will be released with the upcoming versions.

But we want more! Our products should be able to speak any language in the world.

Translations welcomed anytime!

Do you want to help us achieve our goal? Applications for all languages are welcome!
Just email us to the developer team of your product.




What is your benefit?

To express our gratitude, we offer free licenses of TreeSize Professional or of other software products. In addition, once your translation is adopted, we will also display your name on our website and in the help file of the application if you like to.

Thank you for your support!