Flexible and Reliable Server and Network Monitoring

  • Monitor IT Systems
  • Create Rule-Based Alerts
  • Analyze Collected Data to Prevent System Failure

3 Steps to IT System Monitoring

ServerSentinel enables versatile and reliable monitoring of your server and network services as well as of local resources. The software processes data collected by various sensors and uses rule-based alerts to inform you on failures or irregularities. Analyze the stored data and make sure to prevent future system failure.

Image showing the main window of ServerSentinel
1. Define Use Cases
What do you want to monitor? Networks, servers or the availability of your web shop?
2. Set up Sensors
Select and configure your sensors. We offer a variety of flexible sensors to support your use cases.
3. Choose Actions
Do you prefer a warning message or immediate interaction between systems? Choose actions and define your rules.

Visual Tour

Main Window: Configured sensors and collected data at one glance

Choose a sensor from the overview.

All sensors can be adapted individually to your needs.

Different Versions for Different Requirements

Icon ServerSentinel

ServerSentinel Small Business Edition

Unlimited Number of Sensors - 50 Included
Email Sensors
USB Sensors
Windows Monitoring*
Network Sensors**
Linux Monitoring
ServerSentinel Product Icon

ServerSentinel Enterprise Edition

Unlimited Number of Sensors - 50 Included
Email Sensors
USB Sensors
Windows Monitoring
Network Sensors
Linux Monitoring

* File Audit Sensor is available in the Enterprise Edition only.

** SNMP Request Sensor and SNMP Trap Sensor are available in the Enterprise Edition only.

More Information and Documents

Find comprehensive documentation to help you start working with ServerSentinel as quickly as possible.