ServerSentinel Changelog

What is New in ServerSentinel?

Version 5.1

  • A File Audit sensor has been added, with which it is possible to monitor access and changes to files and directories. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • A syslog sensor has been added which allows to receive syslog messages from remote systems.
  • A Microsoft Teams action which allows to send messages via Microsoft Teams has been added.
  • A PowerShell action allowing to run PowerShell scripts on a target system has been added. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • An SSH action for executing bash scripts on a target system via SSH has been added. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • A syslog action which allows to send syslog messages to a syslog server has been added.
  • In the Sensor View sensors that were not executed because the sensor they depend on was unsuccessful or disabled have their own indicator now.
  • The speed of opening the HTTP sensor editor has been improved. To achieve this it was necessary to add a data type to the regular expressions as additional information. If you use conditions in your HTTP sensors that access extracted data, please check these conditions for correctness.
  • The property "Process name" was removed from the process and service sensor data because it was redundant to the monitored process. If there were conditions that monitored this property, they were removed. If the [$Caption$] variable was used in notifications, it can be manually changed to [$ProcessName$] or [$ServiceName$].
  • The SNMP trap sensor, has been extended by an exclusion filter, which allows to exclude specified OIDs from the result., has been extended by an exclusion filter.The SNMP trap sensor has been extended with an exclusion filter that allows to exclude specified OIDs from the result.
  • For the SNMP sensors, more generic MIB files have been added.
  • The Remote Client can now be used across domain boundaries.
  • The RAID sensor has been removed (as already announced with version 5.0). Any remaining RAID sensors must be deleted to install the update.
  • Support for the new version of the Cleware USB Humidity Sensor has been added.
  • The handling of very large files for the file sensor has been optimized.
  • An error that occurred while switching tabs via shortcuts has been fixed.
  • An error related to regular expressions for the HTTP sensor was fixed.
  • An error which caused the import of MIB files to fail if the imported file contained information about traps in SNMPv1 format was fixed.
  • An error occurring when filtering SNMPv1 traps was fixed.
  • An error that could occur on some devices in the SNMP walk was fixed.
  • An error that occurred in the SNMP Request Sensor when many OIDs were queried and resulted in an empty response was fixed.
  • A problem with entering decimal numbers in the conditions was fixed.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes were made.

18 November 2020