ServerSentinel Changelog

What is New in ServerSentinel?

Version 4.2.3

  • Fixed a bug in database migration that caused not all sensor data to be migrated.
  • Fixed a bug in the file system sensor that caused events from subfolders to be ignored.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when testing event-based sensors.
  • Fixed a bug in the FTP sensor that occurred during testing under certain circumstances.
  • Improved SNMP request sensor output in notifications when using [$ShortSensor$], [$ShortSensorData$] or [$SensorData$] variables.

Please note:

Starting with version 5.0 Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 will no longer be supported as installation platform. Monitoring these systems via network will be still possible.

Important: SQLite support will be removed in version 5.0 of ServerSentinel, please migrate your database in time.

24 October 2019