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ServerSentinelv4.0Monitor servers, network services and local resources

Changes in V4.0.1 (14. Sept 2017)

Fixed an error which occurred under certain circumstances during sensor creation.

Fixed an error in the HTTP sensor which occurred under certain circumstances.

Fixed (de-)activating of event-based sensors.

Fixed displaying configured logs in event log sensor editor.

Fixed the behavior when a file sensors monitors a file which is in use by another process to be like in the previous version.

Fixed copy and paste of sensors that use credentials.

Fixed refreshing of status color in tile view.

Fixed refreshing of status pie chart in details view.

Fixed an error when updating from 3.x.x to 4.x.x which occurred under certain circumstances.

Fixed several errors which occurred when importing a configuration.

A few minor fixes and improvements have been incorporated.

Changes in V4.0 (12. Jul 2017)

Main window

oModernized UI.

oReplaced menu bar with ribbon.

Sensor Overview

oModernized UI.

oAdded navigation area similar to Windows explorer.

oAdded details area similar to Windows explorer.

oAdded full text search.

oAdded new column which shows a sensor's   dependencies.

oAdded button for fast filtering based on sensor state.

oAdded table and tile layout.

oAdded buttons to expand/collapse all groups.

oAdded icons for groups.

oImproved deletion of sensors which also fixes issue where sensors returned after UI restart.

Data View (table)

oModernized UI.

oAdded full text search.

oImproved loading of data.

oAdded new export formats: HTML, XLSX, RTF, TXT

oAdded print option.

oReplaced set-size based data loading with time span based loading.

Data View (chart)

oReplaced combined chart with multiple smaller charts, one for each kind of value. These charts can be minimized and maximized or hidden.

oAdded option to enable logarithmic scaling for some axes.

oReplaced set-size based data loading which time span based loading.

Action Overview

oCreated new view which shows all configured actions.

oAdded information which sensors use a specific action.

Action Log View

oModernized UI.

oAdded feature to clear log.

oAdded full text search.

oReplaced set-size based data loading with time span based loading.

SNMP Browser

oModernized UI.

oImproved performance of scanning SNMP devices.

oAdded full text search.

oAdded new import dialog for MIB files to directly import them.

Important: Because of the changes the already imported MIB files cannot be further used and need to be imported again.


oAdded feature to configure checks on specific days at specific time.

oAdded group information to sensor dependency combo box in sensor editor.

oAdded support for unmapped partitions to disk space sensor.

oAdded feature to file system sensor to deactivate recursive behavior.

oAdded support for credentials for network paths to file sensor.

oAdded support for credentials for network paths to directory sensor.

oAdded new property 'Received Bytes' to HTTP sensor data.

oAdded feature to specify OIDs for SNMP request sensor without the need to select them in the browser.

oChanged behavior of ping sensor to be more like the native Windows ping command.

oFixed error in file system sensor which prevented usage and changing configuration.

oFixed remote execution of PowerShell scripts in script sensor.

oFixed error in HTTP sensor which removed regular expressions from the source sensor when copying it.

oFixed showing of available event logs for remote hosts in Windows event log sensor.

oFixed a problem where the OID was not correctly resolved to an available name in SNMP sensor data.


oAdded new action to control Cleware USB Switch with 3 sockets.

oAdded new notification action to create Outlook tasks.

oFixed remote execution of visual basic and PowerShell scripts in script action.

oFixed error in mail action which caused subject and body not to match.

oFixed HTML format of sent mails.


oAdded Firebird as new embedded database.

Important: SQLite support will be removed in future version (4.1 or 4.2), please change your database in time.

oImproved database performance in some specific use cases.

Added possibility to create backup of service configuration and embedded database during update.

Changed import/export feature to restore a previous configuration instead of adding all elements again.

Important: Due to the required changes exports made with a previous version cannot be imported.

ServerSentinel can now be executed using the German language on an English system.

Many other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Please note:

Version 4.0 of ServerSentinel supports only 64bit systems as installation platform. Please contact our support if you need a 32bit version.


Starting from version 4.1 on Windows Vista will no longer be supported as installation platform. Monitoring these system via network will be still possible.

Changes in V3.2.2 (02. Jul 2015)

False alarms could be triggered after rebooting a remote host. This error has been fixed.

A problem with TLS encryption for POP3 in the mail flow sensor has been fixed.


Please note:

From the next version (4.0) on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported as installation platforms. Monitoring these systems via network will be still possible.

Changes in V3.2.1 (15. Jun 2015)

An error occurring when editing actions via the wizard has been fixed.

Improved the memory usage of several sensors.

Improved the CPU usage of service and GUI.

Many other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Please note:

From the next version (4.0) on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported as installation platforms. Monitoring these systems via network will be still possible.

Changes in V3.2 (03. Mar 2015)

The new sensor 'File System' capable of monitoring events like create or delete on local and network drives has been added.

The new sensor 'XML' capable of querying the content of XML files using XPath expressions has been added.

The new action 'Write to File' allowing to write text to a file has been added.

A new feature allowing to abort sensor tests has been added.

The HTTP sensor has been extended to query the last modified date of the target URL.

The performance of the sensor view has been improved.

The performance of the ServerSentinel service has been improved.

The action list in the sensor editor is now sorted.

Fixed problem with TLS encryption in the IMAP and POP3 sensor.

Fixed problem occurring when querying disks with the S.M.A.R.T. sensor when they were asleep. They are now woken up to perform the check.

Fixed problem in the FTP sensor occurring when querying a directory with just one file.

The password in the general mail settings was not always saved. This problem has been fixed.

In mail templates the content of the variable [$ShortSensorData$] was only formatted as plain text but never as HTML. This problem has been fixed.

The action 'Don't save' was ignored if used in combination with the action 'Suppress execution'. This problem has been fixed.

Fixed problem with vanishing sensors and actions when the database was recreated or switched.

Sometimes the UAC was triggered when the application was started a second time while already running. The application it now brought to front immediately.

Many other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Please note:

From the next version (4.0) on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported as installation platforms. Monitoring these systems via network will be still possible.


Changes in V3.1 (08. Aug 2014)

The new sensor 'Mail Flow' capable of checking the mail flow between an SMTP and an incoming mail server has been added.

The new action 'Wake on LAN' enabling ServerSentinel to start a remote host has been added.

The new action 'Shutdown' enabling ServerSentinel to shutdown, restart, or logoff a remote host has been added.

A new feature enabling ServerSentinel to visualize all sensor states via a connected signal light has been added.

The new comparison operator 'has not changed' has been added.

The parsing functionality of HTTP sensor has been extended. An anonymous group or a group named 'value' can be used now in a regular expression to extract a value.

The HTTP has been extended sensor to support 'digest' and 'NTLM' authentication. The authentication scheme is selected automatically based on the server's requirements.

The database maintenance configuration has been extended by adding the option '1 day'.

The directory sensor has been extended to support SSH and Exchange Server shares from SpaceObServer.

The directory sensor has been extended by adding the new property 'allocated size'.

The action 'Web Request Execution' now support variables in the URL field.

The minimal check interval of temperature and humidity sensors has been reduced from 1 minute to 5 seconds.

GUI now saves order and width of the columns in the sensor and data view.

GUI now saves the selected lines in the chart view.

The database load has been reduced to improve overall performance.

Indexes have been added to all sensor data tables in the database to improve performance.

Other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Changes in V3.0.3 (11. Sep 2013)

Fixed selecting host for the following sensors: Process, Service, Systemload, Windows Eventlog, and WMI.

Fixed error in File Sensor which occurred when checking big files. To accomplish this, it was necessary to change the sensor's behavior. The content of the file is now only read if it is used in an active condition or shall be persisted in the database.

Other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Changes in V3.0.2 (04. Sep 2013)

Fixed an error in the sensor view causing the application to crash.

Fixed an error in the Script Sensor which caused a timeout when the executed script/process produced too much output.

If a timeout occurs for the Script Sensor, the process is now stopped.

Fixed a problem concerning units for the 'Available Memory' data value in the System Load Sensor. If an SQLite database is used, the database must be changed manually. The type of the column 'AvailableMemory' in the table 'WmiCpuSensorData' must be changed from INT to BIGINT, e.g. with the SQLite Administrator tool. This is only necessary if a System Load Sensor is used to check the available memory and the value can be greater than 2GB.

Fixed an error for the hardware sensors causing a 'No Device defined' error, even if a device was selected.

Fixed problem which caused the 'Test Sensor' button to be disabled for the Performance Sensor.

Fixed an error concerning the direct execution of Powershell and VisualBasic scripts in the Process/Script Execution action.

Fixed an error occurring when an SMS notification was created or edited. It may be necessary to review the 'price' and 'credit value'.

Fixed an error in the Database Sensor which occurred if at least two sensors returned identical column names in an identical order but with different types.

Fixed an error which caused an SqlDateTime overflow.

Improved the performance of the sensor view.

Sometimes the initial mail dialog appeared again after having been configured. This is now fixed.

After using the 'Show zero as minimum' option in the chart, it did not scale correctly when the data limit was changed. This was corrected.

Many other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Changes in V3.0.1 (01. Jul 2013)

The lower limit for the SMS price was adjusted to allow a price of 0.00 (useful for flat rates).

The behavior of the File Sensor in case of files locked by another process was changed. Information like file size is now displayed correctly and the status flag remains 'OK'. However, if the content shall be persisted in the database or the data values 'Content' or 'MD5 Checksum' are used in active conditions, the status flag will change to 'Error'.

A field was added to the wizard of the action 'Network Power Socket Controlling'. Users can now configure the interrupt duration.

A problem stopping email from being sent has been fixed.

A problem causing various sensors to be executed twice each time has been fixed.

A problem with missing content for columns 'Last Checked', 'Availability' and 'Last Result' for HTTP Sensor has been fixed.

A problem causing the Ping Sensor to change the status flag to 'Warning' on smallest package lost has been fixed.

A problem that caused testing of action 'Process/Script Execution' to succeed each time has been fixed.

A problem concerning the resolution of variables in the arguments field of the action 'Process/Script Execution' has been fixed.

A problem concerning the resolution of sensor data-related variables in notifications for various sensors has been fixed.

Many other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Changes in V3.0 (11. Apr 2013)

New sensors:

oA sensor to monitor a single file or folder on an FTP server.

oThe Windows Performance Counter can be queried by a new sensor.

oA sensor to monitor the status of a USB Contact Sensor (hardware can be purchased separately from JAM Software).

oWindows services can be monitored using a new sensor on the local system as well as on a remote system.

oA sensor to monitor the S.M.A.R.T. values of local and remote hard drives.

oA sensor to monitor local and remote RAID systems.

Changes to existing sensors:

oThe HTTP Sensor can parse a website with the help of regular expressions.

oThe timeout of the HTTP Sensor can be now configured.

oThe HTTP and the File Sensor now allow users to define whether the queried content shall be saved into the database or not.

oThe File Sensor can now collect the MD5 checksum.

oThe Script Sensor has been revised to simplify the execution of Windows Powershell and VisualBasic scripts.

oThe Process Sensor can now collect the Virtual Bytes and Private Bytes of a process.

oThe results of the Database and Script Sensor will now be parsed now. This simplifies the creation of a condition as well as the view of the sensor data.

oThe WMI Harddisk Sensor and the Harddisk Sensor for local drives have been merged.

oUpdated Folder Sensor for SpaceObServer V5.1 and higher.

oRemoved properties related to "marked for deletion" from POP3 sensor, because they are always 0 due to the functionality of ServerSentinel and therefore needless.

oThe Harddisk Sensor is now called Diskspace Sensor

oThe Ambient/Temperature Sensor is now called SpeedFan Sensor and is restricted to interact with SpeedFan.

New actions have been added:

oAn action makes it possible to create a system restore point.

oTCP commands can be sent to a TCP server with a new action.

oA new action makes it possible to call a URL.

oA Network Power Socket can be controlled by a new action.

Changes to existing actions:

oUsers can now define the importance and the sensitivity of an Email.

oIt is now possible to send the email directly to the recipient server.

oUsers can decide if actions shall create an entry in the action log.

oThe actions Remote Process and Execute have been merged.

oThe Switchable Powersocket can now intercept the power temporarily.

New conditions and changes to existing ones:

oA new condition has been integrated which applies if a property of the sensor data has changed.

oA new condition for date values has been added which applies when the date is younger or older than the a configured interval.

oStrings in a condition will be processed case-insensitive now.

Database changes:

oThe Windows authentication is now supported for Microsoft SQL Server.

oMicrosoft SQL Server 2012 is now supported.

oThe database schema has been optimized.

The chart view for the sensor data has been improved:

oThe zooming is now performed only in the direction of the x-axis (time axis).

oThe chronological division (days/months) by vertical lines has been improved in in the chart view.

oThe sensor data is no longer rounded mathematically in the chart view.

oAdded function "Show zero as minimum in chart".

New templates have been included and some small changes of the existing templates have been implemented:

o[$CountCurrentStatus$]: Determines how long a sensor is to remain in the current status (Ok, Warning, or Error).

o[$MatchedConsecutively$]: Determines how often a condition is to be met consecutively.

o[$ShortSensorData$]: Determines the "most important" (depending on the type of the sensor) properties of the collected sensor data.

oThe default template now includes error messages.

The sensor view now enables users to create and manage individual sensor groups to gain a better overview over the sensors.

Users can develop their own sensors using an SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK is a beta Changes in Vand subject to change.

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are now supported.

Added an action log where all executed actions are listed.  

The sensor menu has been resorted.

The import and the export of configurations have been reviewed und improved.

A new "Default Email" action will be created at the first start of the program.

The close behavior can now be configured in the settings.

Many other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Changes in V2.0.2 (Sep 2011)

The evaluation option of a condition  in case of "Perform Action once if the condition persists" will now be saved correctly.

Two new templates for the notifications were added:

o$Sensor$: Returns all properties of a Sensor.

o$ShortSensor$: Returns only the most important properties of a Sensor.

The most important properties of a Sensor were additionally added to the default template for the email Action.

The problem that negative values were sometimes saved if the available memory of the systemload Sensor was greater than 4 GB, has been fixed.

Under rare circumstances an error could occur after a Sensor was edited.

The execution of an Action can now be suppressed during Sensor tests.

Many other small improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Changes in V2.0.1 (Jul 2011)

At the first start ServerSentinel will create now a default configuration which monitors the free disk space of the system partition and send an E-Mail if the free space is less than 10%.

Added  in the settings the possibility to change the number of days after the Sensor data is deleted.

Under rare circumstances an error could occur which prevented the ServerSentinel GUI from starting.

The 'SMS text message' Action tries now to detect independently the correct settings (COM-Port and Baud-Rate) in case of a failure.

Added possibility to define the settings to send E-Mails which are used for any 'E-Mail Action' as default.

The problem that the USB Humidity Sensor sometimes may receive constant values for the temperature has been fixed.

Fixed a problem: If the USB Humidity / USB Temp was disconnected and reconnected again, the Sensor did not collect data anymore.

The number of characters which are written in the Windows-EventLog by the 'EventLog Action' has been adjusted to the maximum numbers allowed by Windows.

If a condition with 'Disk Space' as value was configured, the value was not displayed correctly after the Sensor was edited again.

If a non-transparent proxy server is used a problem could occur at the start of ServerSentinel.

The determined values of the 'Status' column for the 'Signal light Action' and the 'Switchable Power Socket Action'  has been improved.

The 'Signal light Action' now takes into account if a condition is enabled or disabled.

The Export/Import works for the 'SNMP Action' correctly now.

An error could occur if in the 'SNMP Action' no OID was configured.

Fixed a problem with the' Ping Sensor' if no 'Reverse DNS' entry exists for the remote host.

A problem if ServerSentinel  has been closed via the TrayIcon has been fixed.

Fixed a problem: The values in the "Last Result" column were lost if the Sensors changes were canceled.

ServerSentinel can now be started via an UNC path.

An error could occur when the configuration was exported and the target file was already in use.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included


Changes in V2.0 (Mar 2011)

Different hardware devices are now supported that can be purchased at JAM Software.

The room temperature and humidity can now be monitored with the help of USB Sensors.

The status of a Sensor can be displayed by way of a USB watch light.

Through a new Action you can power on/off random devices with the help of a switchable USB socket.

It is now possible to monitor random network devices (e.g. server, router, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or printer) via SNMP

A new Sensor can receive and process SNMP Traps from random network devices.

With the help of a new Action you can change certain values via SNMP.

The listview for Sensors and Sensor data was optimized. Now it is possible, amongst other things, to group and filter data.

A new Sensor to monitor folder properties was added. (The folder size can optionally be monitored in connection with the disk space manager SpaceObServer by JAM Software, when installed).

Single files can now be monitored by a Sensor.

A condition can now execute multiple Actions consecutively.

A new Action allows entries in the Windows event log.

An Action can now suppress the execution of all following conditions and Actions.

A new Sensor allows the monitoring of random TCP servers.

A direct connection to the Remote Desktop of the monitored server can now be setup over the context menu.

A new condition was introduced. This is done when the Sensor returns, after a problem, to a normal status.

The evaluation order of the conditions can now be changed through the GUI.

It is now possible to configure exclusion times, in which the corresponding Action should not be processed, separately for each Action.

A Sensor can now be dependant upon event based Sensors (e.g. Windows event log or xAP Sensor).

The configuration of the services was enhanced so that during the installation the important rights can be given.

The email Action now allows the sending of attachments.

The handling of critical service problems (e.g. loss of database connection) was enhanced.

The hibernation is suppressed while the service is running.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Changes in V1.3.2 (Mar 2010)

If a user tried to sort the configured Sensors an error message could appear.

Under rare circumstances an error could occur after the dialog to add new libraries was opened

If two Sensors were configured with the same Action an error could occur after the Action and the two Sensors were deleted.

When the ServerSentinel was closed while the GUI was updated, an error could occur.

Reviewed and improved the help.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Changes in V1.3.1 (Jan 2010)

If a Sensor had a dependency to another Sensor and that Sensor was removed, an error message appeared.

When large datasets were shown in the raw data and chart views the GUI could freeze for a few seconds.

The dropdown-menu to select the number of displayed database entries has been improved.

Under rare circumstances an error could occur, if a Sensor was configured to depend on another Sensor and both had the same Action configured.

On slower machines an Input/Output error could occur when service and user interface tried to create the same file at the same time.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Changes in V1.3 (Nov 2009)

Added support for several databases; this increases system performance especially for larger installations.
The supported databases are

oMS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008


Added possibility to define exclusion times for Actions, to prevent execution of Actions, e.g. during maintenance downtimes or to configure several notification targets for different times during the week.

Added a new Sensor to monitor the Windows event logs.

Improved error handling that shows a more readable message instead of an error code, if an error occurs during configuration of an SMS (text message) Action.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Changes in V1.2 (Jul 2009)

Added a new Sensor for the xAP home automation protocol that is able to monitor temperature of processors and harddisks in conjunction with the free SpeedFan tool.

Added a new Action 'Set Status' that allows you to explicitly set the status e.g. to 'Error' or 'Ok'.

Added a new Action that prevents saving collected data to the database, this provides enhanced filtering possibilities.

The check interval for the Sensor can be configured from 5 seconds up to 7 days.

The application provides plenty of variables that can be used in the notification templates and are easily accessible through the user interface.

E-Mail notification Action is now capable of using TLS/SSL secured connections.

Sensor configuration variables can now be passed as arguments to the 'Execute Script' Actions, see e.g. the 'TreeSize Pro reports' example.

Improved the user interface:

oConfiguring the Actions is now much more comfortable by using individual experts.

oThe chart can now be configured to update automatically.

oWarning or error regions can be optionally marked orange/red in the chart.

oIt is now possible to optionally highlight the weekends in the chart.

oThe menu of configurable Sensors is now grouped.

oAn icon in the status bar now indicates whether the service is running or not.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Changes in V1.1.1 (Bugfix release, Apr 2009)

Added example configurations for common scenarios are now delivered along with brief descriptions in the help files.

The user interface response when selecting data has been improved on slow machines.

The chart does not display "0" values anymore for checks that indicated an error.

The number of decimals shown in the data list view are now more readable.

The installation process has been improved and simplified.

Fixed an incorrect sort order in the view of collected data if the columns have been re-arranged previously.

The WMI harddisk Sensor now stores the failure message if an error occurred.

Many other improvements and minor bug fixes have been included.


Changes in V1.1 (Mar 2009)

ServerSentinel can now be configured to only perform an Action

oonce, as long as a condition persists (the default)

oevery time a condition evaluates to true

oonly after the condition was met several consecutive times

Possibility to export and import Sensor check profiles

A new system load Sensor monitors CPU- and harddisk-load, local and remote

Passwords are now saved with triple DES encryption

The new Action "Manage Service" allows you to start, stop, pause, resume and restart a service local and remote

With the "Remote Process Action" it is now possible to start a process on a remote computer

Action "Send SMS" sends GSM-Network short (text) messages via a phone connected to the server, either by USB cable or through configured Bluetooth connection. This allows you to be notified even if the local area network is not reachable anymore

Added a possibility to delete a configured Action once it is not needed anymore

You can now copy selected data from the raw data view to the clipboard

Selected data from the raw view can be exported to comma-separated-value (CSV) files.

Additional status information is now saved in the collected data, e.g. if a condition was met

The chart view now provides the Sensor name and further information in printouts

An existing Sensor can now be duplicated

The user interface has been improved to navigate through the data more easily

The raw data view now shows the units in each row, instead of only showing it in the list headers

The system load produced by the service has significantly been reduced

The content of the HTTP Sensor is now saved to the database as well

A bug in the chart that resulted in a dark background, when exporting it to an image file, has been fixed

A display bug was fixed that occurred if a 120dpi display was used

A few minor bugfixes and improvements have been incorporated


Changes in V1.0 (19 Nov 2008)

Initial Release