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Monitor File System Events

With the file system sensor you can easily monitor the system for specific events. Simply specify certain criteria in the sensor:

  • What (which folder) shall be monitored?
  • Which events shall be monitored?
    • Create/add files
    • Delete files
    • Rename files
    • Change file attributes:
      • size
      • date
      • Security attributes/attributes

The sensor informs you automatically once, for example, files of a certain type are created or deleted in a monitored folder or when security attributes are changed.

For security reasons an administrator wants to be informed whenever file permissions in certain folders on a local folder or on a network drive are changed. For this he creates a file system sensor. The sensor passively monitors a folder including all subfolders.
If: A file permission is changed in the monitored folder.
Then: Email containing file name, time of change, and file path is send to the administrator.

Monitor file system events with the ServerSentinel file system sensor.

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