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ServerSentinelv4.2Monitor servers, network services and local resources

Monitor system load, ensure functionality

Once system resources reach the end of their capacities, full functionality cannot be guaranteed. Thus, monitoring system load is a very important task.

An overloaded computer reacts sluggishly or not at all and may even freeze. The worst case: you need to restart the system and lose all unsaved work.

The ServerSentinel system load sensor enables you to monitor memory usage and CPU load of your machine. If thresholds are crossed, a warning can be sent via email or text message. ServerSentinel can even close predefined services and processes to ensure system functionality.

System load sensor monitors system ressources

You need to monitor not only memory usage or CPU load? Simply use the performance indicator sensor! This versatile sensor offers access to a wide range of system information and enables you to quickly and easily download a multitude of values.

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