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You are developing in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and want to directly include Windows shell functionalities? With ShellBrowser WPF Components you can access, edit, and add features known from the Windows Explorer to your WPF app.

ShellBrowser WPF Components will be released in summer 2017. Check back here or register for update information to learn more about the development process and the release date.

ExplorerBrowser Functionality

Emulate a Windows Explorer (or only the parts you require) with the ExplorerBrowser WPF component.

Included Components


Include the Windows Explorer in your application or use the WPF component to build custom file dialogs. The ExplorerBrowser control is able to emulate the entire Windows Explorer - or only select features such as the file tree.

File Preview

Show file content without opening the file with the File Preview component. The WPF component uses the IPreviewHandlers available in the system to quickly render file content.

More Components...

See all available components in our components overview.


Learn more about the IDEs and operating systems supported by ShellBrowser WPF Components.

.NET/Delphi/WPF: Different Editions for Different Development Environments

The ShellBrowser Components are already available for .NET and Delphi. Learn more about the components and check out sample projects showing how the ShellBrowser Components can enhance your applications.

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