SmartCallMonitor Changelog

What is New in SmartCallMonitor?

Version 3.4.1

  • For SIP lines echo cancellation can be enabled and used codecs can be selected (Professional Edition only).
  • When creating an Outlook task for missed calls, the start and reminder date are now set (Professional Edition only).
  • The call popup now also displays the name of the called line.
  • The hang up button is now reliably displayed after starting a call.
  • The button to answer a call in the phone sidebar is now also reliably displayed in the statistics view.
  • After an ended call, SmartCallMonitor reselects the specified default line by itself.
  • When creating a contact from a journal entry, the number of the caller is taken over correctly again.
  • Anonymous calls are now also processed when using TAPI.

17 May 2021