SmartCallMonitor Changelog

What is New in SmartCallMonitor?

Version 3.4

SmartCallMonitor is now "feature complete"! We will focus on bug fixes and usability improvements in the future.

Even in large environments: Stable and strong for your team!

  • Notes on contacts and calls can be shared between users. 
  • The DnD setting can be automatically synchronized with the status in MS Teams. Just set your availability status in MS Teams and SmartCallMonitor manages your phone availability.
  • Thanks to the integrated database, SmartCallMonitor can now be used in large environments without any problems.  
  • Call processing has been optimized and now works reliably even with a high number of calls.
  • Configure a central SmartCallMonitor installation on a server and let all other SmartCallMonitor installations access it.
  • Import the permissions for accessing telephone lines on your server conveniently from the Active Directory. This makes configuration a piece of cake, even with large numbers of users. 

Improvements in Journal and Contacts  

  • The search in the internal contacts has been significantly accelerated.
  • In the Journal and in the contact lists, it is now possible to copy individual cells instead of always copying the entire row. 
  • When searching the Journal, hidden columns are no longer searched now.
  • Pictures of contacts on a remote installation are displayed correctly now.
  • Errors in automatic saving of contacts and journal have been fixed. 

Improvements to VoIP and Fritz!Box-Integration 

  • Fixed an error when logging in to a SIP account.
  • A possible error when hanging up a busy VoIP call has been fixed.
  • Improved user guidance for automatic connection to Fritz!Box.
  • Other minor improvements have been made.

07 April 2021