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SmartCallMonitor Professionalv3.1Powerful solution for a modern telephony system

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Functions highlights

  • One click dialing

    • Speed dial function for the numbers dialed last
    • Speed dial function for all available internal TAPI lines
    • Selection via context menu
    • Selection by double click in the Journal and Contacts view
  • Flexible server/client setup

    • Each SmartCallMonitor client installation can act as SmartCallMonitor server
    • Using a server installation calls can be monitored and controlled on several SmartCallMonitor client installations
    • There is no limit to the number of TAPI lines
  • Powerful reverse lookup

    • Automatic use of the online directories
    • Direct link to Google search for more information about your call partner
    • Display of existing Outlook contacts with the relevant call notes
    • Intelligent integration with your CRM system and your customer database
    • Integration with the "Public Contacts" folder on Exchange Server
  • Outlook integration

    • Connection to the address book and data presentation of existing contacts
    • Configurable email notification and callback reminder for missed calls
    • Automatic history on calls in the Outlook journal
  • Fritz!Box integration

    • Automatic import of the journal
    • Comfortable use of the dialling assistant
  • Professional history

    • Recording of contact and call data in the integrated journal
    • Archiving the data through log files
    • Filter functions for received / missed calls
  • Everything at a glance

    • Detailed view of the selected entry provides a clear overview of all information about the call from all sources including previous notes
  • Automatic address book management

    • New contacts are automatically added to the integrated address book
    • Data coming from the heterogeneous sources are standardized
  • Intelligent statistics

    • Number of calls
    • Duration of phone conversations
    • Number of calls per line
  • Data protection according to GDPR

    • A new option for deleting journal entries to comply with privacy requirements