SpamAssassin Components

The freeware includes the following SpamAssassin components as executable Windows applications (exe.)

  • spamassassin.exe: Mail filter
  • spamd.exe: SpamAssassin as a server process (Daemon)
  • spamc.exe: Client for server process
  • sa-update.exe: A program to update filter-rule-settings
  • sa-learn.exe: Trains the Bayes-Filter in regards to spam-/ham-mails

Supported Plugins

SpamAssassin for Windows provides a wide range of plugins, that have been tested on Windows and work properly. Any other SpamAssassin or third party plugin may be used as well, but will not be covered by the support of JAM Software.

  • AutoLearnThreshold: A threshold-based discriminator for Bayes auto-learning

  • Bayes: Determines likelihood of a mail being spam using a Bayesian classifier

  • Check: Provides main check functionality

  • DKIM: Performs DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) checks to validate mail

  • Freemail: Detect email addresses using free webmail services

  • Hashcash: Perform hashcash verification tests

For further information go to SpamAssassin Documentation