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Version 3.4.2 Released on 05 Nov 2015

Bugfix: An error that occured during drag-and-drop-operations has been fixed.


Version 3.4.1 Released on 04 Nov 2015

Bugfix: If a file or folder is deleted outside the application, TreeSize Free won't crash on file operations any longer. Invalid elements are now removed from the directory tree.

Bugfix: A context-sensitive help is available in the "Filters" dialog.

Bugfix: The status bar updates itself correctly while scanning.

Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Version 3.4 Released on 12 Oct 2015

TreeSize Free now supports scanning smartphones and mobile devices ?connected to the computer.

Added support for one-click scans of local Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive folders.

TreeSize Free no longer requires a restart when switching to the touch-optimized user interface.

Tablet mode in Windows 10 can be detected (optional). TreeSize Free will automatically switch to the matching user interface.

The touch-optimized user interface now provides a context menu for files and folders.

Users can now select a printer in the touch interface.

The performance while expanding folders has been increased.

Bugifx: long lasting operations can be canceled now.

Bugfix: Column information are persisted correctly when restarting TreeSize Free as administrator.


Version 3.3.2 Released on 26 Mar 2015

Bugfix: If several items are selected displaying the context menu no longer causes an error.


Version 3.3.1 Released on 24 Mar 2015

Bugfix: The stability of the search in the directory tree has been improved.

Bugfix: An error occurring while reading the MFT (Master File Table) on some drives has been fixed.

Bugfix: Clicking into whitespace no longer selects items in the new touch-optimized user interface.

Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Version 3.3: Released on 16 Feb 2015

TreeSize Free provides a touch-optimized user interface as an option for Windows 8.0 and higher.

The scan performance on local NTFS drives (especially on SSD drives) has been increased.

The total size of selected items in the Directory Tree is now displayed in the status bar.

Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor bug fixes have been incorporated.


Version 3.2: Released on 30 Sep 2014

TreeSize Free  now scans network drives (except Windows servers and network drives within a Windows domain).

Bugfix: After deleting a file using SHIFT+DEL the directory tree is now updated correctly again.

Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor fixes have been incorporated.


Version 3.1.1: Released on 01 Sep 2014

Bugfix: Sometimes the scan of a local NTFS drive lead to unexpected errors and the scan could not be processed correctly.

Bugfix: Updating a single directory in the directory tree no longer refreshes the complete scan.

Bugfix: Deleting a folder using the DEL now works again on machines running Windows Vista.

Bugfix: The toolbar no longer flickers when resizing the window.


Version 3.1: Released on 12 August 2014

TreeSize Free supports selection of multiple files now, e.g. to delete or move them.

Users can now search for folders in the directory tree.

Entries in the "Options" menu have been categorized.

To always run TreeSize Free with administrator privileges, simply select "Always start this application as administrator" under "Options > Application".

Several minor improvements and a few minor fixes have been incorporated.


Version 3.0.1: Released on 03 Apr 2014

The column layout in printed reports has been rectified.

Bugfix: [Files]-item on top level is displayed again.

Bugfix: After deleting files via the context menu or the DEL key, the directory tree will be refreshed automatically.


Version 3.0: Released on 10 Mar 2014

TreeSize Free can now be switched to a column mode, in which it shows more detailed information about each file and folder.

oYou can toggle between the new and the classic view using "Show Details" in the "View" menu or the corresponding button in the toolbar.

oYou can show or hide columns by right-clicking on the column header.

oYou can sort the directory tree by the information in each column by clicking on the column header.

oThe additional size information in front of each folder name can be hidden by choosing "View > Show Details > Hide preceding values in Name column".

TreeSize Free now uses the master file table (MFT) for scanning local NTFS drives to improve the performance especially on HDDs. The MFT is only accessible if TreeSize is started as administrator.

The toolbar now adapts its icon size depending on the window size.

The new option "Show time with date values" will output file dates (e.g. "Last access", "Last change") more precisely.

Bugfix: After unchecking "Options > Show TreeSize in Explorer Context Menu", the menu item for TreeSize Free is now correctly removed from the Explorer context menu in all Windows versions.

Bugfix: TreeSize Free no longer crashes if the Windows display scaling is set to more than 200%.

Several minor improvements and a few minor fixes have been incorporated.


Version 2.7: Released on 31 Jan 2012

The "Filter" dialog in the "Options" menu has been enhanced:

oBesides include filters it is now also possible to use exclude filters. This can be useful to exclude certain directories or files permanently from TreeSize Free scans.

oYou can now define if matching should be done normally considering the wildcards * and ?, if an exact match should be performed, or if the pattern is treated as regular expression.

oYou can decide if the given pattern should be matched against the full path or just against the object name.

The right click menu now offers to remove a folder temporarily from TreeSize Free or to exclude it permanently from scans.

A few minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

Version 2.6: Released on 13 Oct 2011

If started as administrator, TreeSize Free is now able to calculate the size of directories you normally do not have access to, e.g. the folder "C:\System Volume Information". This should lead to more exact results and does not break Windows security because files still cannot be opened. Please note that the Personal and Professional Edition are able to calculate even more exact results, by taking NTFS Alternate Data Streams and hardlinks into account.

The option ?Show Files in Directory Tree? lets you decide whether or not individual files should be shown in the directory tree.

It is now possible to apply NTFS compression to a directory branch and to decompress a directory branch using the right click menu.

Two buttons have been added to the toolbar that allow navigating forward and backward, like in the Windows Explorer.

The operations "Expand to level xxx" are now available in every subfolder's right click menu. A new option lets you decide whether or not the operations in the the "Expand" menu will be applied also to the [Files] items.

A few minor improvements and bug fixes have been incorporated and the performance has been improved.


Version 2.5.1: Released on 16 Nov 2010

Increased speed when expanding many folders using the new "Expand" menu and many files are involved.

The progress of a scan is now shown in the Windows 7 taskbar.


Version 2.5: Released on 08 Nov 2010

TreeSize Free is now able to show the NTFS compression rate in the directory tree. This adds the main feature of our discontinued tool NTFSRatio.

A new option allows to show compressed folders in blue color. Folders that are only partially compressed will be shown in dark blue.

It is now possible to rename files and folders in the directory tree. This can be done by using the right click menu or by pressing F2.

A new menu "Expand" in the main menu and the right click menu of the root folder which allows to expand all subfolders up to a certain level.

A scan can now be stopped using "File > Stop Scan".

The layout of the main menu has been revised.

The support for Windows 2000 has been dropped because Microsoft dropped it in July 2010. TreeSize Free V2.4, which is compatible with Windows 2000, will remain available on our website.

A few minor improvements and bug fixes have been incorporated.


Version 2.4: Released on 10 Feb 2010

Support for drag and drop operations has been added. They work within the directory tree as well as with the Windows Explorer.

"View > Options > File Filter" now shows a dialog box that allows to configure the include filters more comfortably.

The items "New instance of TreeSize Free (Ctrl+N)" and "Print Setup" have been added to the "File" menu.

"Scan this folder" has been added to right click menu. It allows you to start a new instance of TreeSize Free that is rooted at the selected folder.

The Explorer context menu is now also shown for the [Files] items in the directory tree. The displayed context menu will apply to all files that are summarized under this item.

Expanding all folders using the right click menu is much faster now.

The Windows Start menu now has a shortcut to start TreeSize Free with administrative privileges under Windows Vista and later.

The new option "Scan with one Thread only" under "View > Options" can be used to force a scan using just a single thread. This will have less impact on the performance of your system during the scan.

Bugfix: In case a selected file was deleted and then its folder was collapsed, an error could occur.

Bugfix: The application settings were not deleted correctly from a system during uninstallation.


Version 2.3.3: Released on 03 Jul 2009

Bugfix: In case a selected file was deleted and then its folder was collapsed, an error could occur if no other file or folder was selected.

A few minor improvements have been incorporated.

Version 2.3.2: Released on 24 Jun 2009

Bugfix: In some cases the root folder in TreeSize was not expandable.


Version 2.3.1: Released on 18 May 2009

Folders without sub-folders are now expandable as well and show the files, similar to the [Files] items.

A few minor improvements have been incorporated.


Version 2.3: Released on 22 Apr 2009

The [Files] items in the directory tree are now expandable and show the individual files after being expanded.

It is now possible to customize the gradient in the background of the tree in the Options menu.

User settings are now stored in an XML file instead of the Windows registry.

It is now possible to adjust the number of decimals of the size values in the View menu.

TreeSize Free will now use up to 2 threads for scanning instead of 1. In the Personal Edition and the Professional Edition the number of threads is not limited and will be adjusted automatically based on the system load.

Bugfix: When changing the sort type after a scan, sub-folders of non expanded directories were not sorted correctly after expanding.

Improved performance

Several minor bug fixes and improvements have been incorporated.


Version 2.2.1: Released on 19 May 2008

Bugfix: The menu item added using View / Options / Show TreeSize in Explorer Context Menu was not working.

Bugfix: On some systems deinstallation did not work.


Version 2.2: Released on 9 May 2008

TreeSize Free is now able to handle paths with more than 255 characters when scanning the disk.

The compatibility with 64Bit systems has been improved.

TreeSize Free now optionally shows long tooltip windows (View / Options) with detailed information if the mouse cursor pauses over a folder for a while.

TreeSize Free now contains an option to turn on or off its menu item in the Windows Explorer context menu (View / Options). This is now a per-user option.

Changed Help System from "Readme.txt" to HTML based Help files.

Minor bug fixes and improvements have been incorporated.

The support for Windows 9x/ME has been dropped. Users of these Windows versions may still use TreeSize Free V2.1.


Version 2.1: Released on 7 May 2007

With the new option 'Show Error Messages' (Options / View) you can now choose to prompt an error message or not, if an error occurs during a scan (e.g. access to folder denied).

A new button was added to the toolbar that opens the selected folder in the Windows Explorer.

The browse for folder dialog (File / Select Directory) now includes an edit box to enter the directory you want to scan instead of browsing for it.

The "[Files]" nodes in the directory tree now also have a right click menu including an entry to open the folder that contains these files in the Windows Explorer.

The right click menu item 'Count Folders' was renamed to 'Number of Subfolders' and is now available for all scanned sub-folders, not only for the root folder.

BugFix: If a removable drive was scanned and TreeSize finds after a later restart that this drive does not exist anymore, an error message was shown. Now, the missing drive will be ignored.

Version 2.0: Released on 14 Mar 2007

TreeSize Free is completely rewritten and now based on the code of the latest version of TreeSize Professional.

Scans are performed much faster now.

The view can be switched to GB and file count now.

Unicode paths are now supported.

NTFS compression is now taken into account when calculating the allocated space.

The small size indicator bars have been replaced with a type of gradient bar chart.


Version 0.2 - 1.7.9: Published 08 Jul 1996 - 27 Nov 2006