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How To Streamline Your SharePoint Migration

Making your move a success with SpaceObServer

Blog Author Joachim Marder


SharePoint Migration Tool
Published on 05.12.2023

More and more companies are moving their data to SharePoint. No wonder, because today it is more normal than ever before for employees to want to access company and work data from anywhere.

However, the migration of important company data from an on-premises system to SharePoint must be well prepared. Before you start, you should not only be sure which data you want to migrate, but also which tool you want to use for the SharePoint migration.

With SpaceObServer, we provide you with a comprehensive solution for your SharePoint migration. TreeSize's big brother is not only suitable for preparing your migration, SpaceObServer also helps with the implementation and subsequent monitoring of your Microsoft 365 cloud data.

Let's take a closer look!

Multiple migration sources supported

Company data is often scattered across different systems. It is therefore practical if a relocation helper tool can handle different source systems.

With SpaceObServer, you can prepare data from almost all existing systems and sources for your SharePoint migration. In addition to classic file shares, older SharePoint versions or other cloud solutions such as Amazon S3 are also supported. 

Collaborative migration preparation

SpaceObServer enables teams to prepare the move together and effectively.

With the Web Access add-on, employees from the specialist departments can decide which content is relevant for migration and which is not. This not only saves storage space, but also ensures that they only take relevant data to the cloud.

Visualization and transparent data selection speed up the decision-making process and ensure that no data is forgotten during migration. 

Thorough cleansing of your legacy data

A SharePoint migration is a good opportunity to cut out old habits and clean up space wasters. It is therefore important to select and reduce data volumes before the migration.

With SpaceObServer, you can identify duplicate and obsolete data and exclude it from the migration. SpaceObServer also allows you to filter and intelligently select according to metadata such as "last modified", "last accessed" or "author". 

This saves you storage space in the cloud and improves your information architecture at the same time.

Accurate migration logging

When carrying out the SharePoint migration, it is important that all processes are properly logged so that the process can be tracked.

With SpaceObServer you can log every step of your migration down to file level and save it in CSV format.

If there are any uncertainties or problems after the migration, these can be quickly identified and rectified using the detailed log.

Monitoring SharePoint data down to the file level

Once the migration has been successfully completed, it's time for the final phase: monitoring your data resources.

SpaceObServer can monitor your new SharePoint Cloud down to file level - fully automatically and according to schedule. This keeps you constantly informed about storage usage, oversized files, file duplicates, usage statistics and much more.

Define which analysis data your storage space report should include. You can have completed storage space reports conveniently sent to you by email and act immediately in the event of anomalies.


With SpaceObServer, SharePoint migration becomes an investment in the future of your company.

SpaceObServer not only helps you to migrate various source systems to SharePoint, but also supports you with data cleansing and subsequent data storage in the cloud.

Improve your data management now with our free trial version!

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