Create Lists of Directory Contents and File Properties

Create Lists of Files on Your PC

FileList is a command-line utility that generates a CSV file listing the contents of a given directory. By default, the list includes the file name, size, and path, as well as the last-access, last-modified, and creation dates, etc. You can easily import all results to a spreadsheet or database.

Filter Lists as Needed
Filter the lists by optional criteria such as file name, file extension, time stamps, directory level, file size or file attributes.
Create File Lists on the Command Line
FileList can print or export lists of files from a folder or directory tree, including the file metadata.
Include Various Metadata
FileList can be instructed to include any metadata that Windows Explorer supports, such as camera model, artist name or number of pages.

Visual Tour

Easily create lists of all files in a directory branch with their most important metadata. All it takes is a single command.

Continue to work on the data with ease. The output strictly conforms to the CSV format and is compatible to many applications, like Microsoft Excel.

Not sure about the usage? No problem: FileList provides comprehensive help and error messages to each respective situation.


FileList is compatible with any edition of Windows starting with Windows 8.1 / Server 2012.


FileList is a handy software application when it comes to creating file lists in a CSV format. Tasks are going to be completed in a timely manner, the computer’s performance is not going to be hindered and we did not come across any hangs or crashes in our tests.

Madalina Boboc,

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