ServerSentinel Real-Time Protection

Keep Your IT Systems Secure

Warning and Notification Management

  • ServerSentinel will inform you in real time via email, directly on your smartphone or even via MS Teams once an error is logged.
  • Warnings can also be conveyed via an accustic or optical signal, e.g. via the connected USB signal light.
  • To create comprehensible logs ServerSentinel can generate entries in the Windows event log or write Syslog messages.

Effective Failure Preventing

  • In case of a critical system status ServerSentinel can automatically run a program or script e.g. via PowerShell or SSH.
  • Use Windows service management to start, stop, pause, resume, or restart a service (availability depends on the service).
  • Create system restore points automatically with the restore point action.
  • Shut down and wake up systems with the shutdown action and wake on LAN action.

Data Processing and Analysis

  • All information such as logged failures, reported irregularities and other performance data are stored in a dedicated database and can be accessed at any time.
  • Readings can be grouped and filtered in the detailed view (e.g. sorted according to error status).
  • The graphical presentation in a diagram facilitates an easy overview, e.g. on the historical development.

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