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Versatile monitoring with contact sensors

Security measures should not only work on the software level. With ServerSentinel you can use specialized sensors to monitor temperatures in the server room. But your versatile monitoring tool offers so much more!

Maximize building security with the highly adaptable contact sensors!

The USB Contact Sensor provides 16 potential-free contacts you connect voltage sources to. If one contact measures voltage, a relay closes and the sensor initiates the corresponding action. This could be the triggering of an alarm, sending of a warning message via email or text message, or contacting security and fire department.

Smoke detectors are an integral part of building security. Timely warnings enable a safe evacuation; rescue forces can be alarmed to prevent spreading damages. You can easily link ServerSentinel to all supported smoke detectors. The detector is connected to the contact sensor. If smoke is detected, voltage is applied to the potential-free contact. ServerSentinel processes the change in voltage and initiates the actions predefined by you.

Contact Sensor connected to smoke detector

But ServerSentinel will not only keep you and your building safe from fire: connect a second contact to the sensor and ServerSentinel will send out a warning once the smoke detector's battery is discharged. This is important especially in cases of smoke detectors placed in secured or far off places where acoustic low battery-alarms often remain unheard. ServerSentinel relays their warning and enables you to change the battery on time.

Especially in building parts with increased security like your server room or a secured storage area, motion detectors are just what you need to check for unauthorized intruders. They work just like the smoke detector: once movement was detected, the potential-free relay closes and ServerSentinel will react - e.g. with a text message to your security department.

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