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ServerSentinelv4.2Monitor servers, network services and local resources

Monitor files and folders with specialized sensors

ServerSentinel facilitates file and folder monitoring, e.g. in a network. With the file and folder sensor you can check whether a file can be accessed, monitor its size or content and show the file properties. If installed, the JAM Software SpaceObServer will be used for monitoring purposes.

Monitor files

ServerSentinel monitors and gathers information regarding the size or the last change date of a file. If mainly errors are logged, sending a message whenever the log file is changed will alert you quickly and easily to possible problems. You can even attach the log file for easy review!

Monitor folders

ServerSentinel monitors folder size and properties. Use the file and folder sensor to monitor users' home directories on your server. Once a predefined size limit has been exceeded, ServerSentinel will send a warning via email or text message.

ServerSentinel monitors files and folders

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