Flexible and Reliable Server and Network Monitoring

Monitor Rooms With Hardware Sensors

Different scenarios demand different sensors. You want to make sure your server room never overheats to keep your delicate technology safe? In this case you will need a USB Temperature Sensor. You need to keep an eye on the humidity? The USB Humidity/Temperature Sensor will help! Or is security your primary concern? We recommend connecting a Contact Sensor to ServerSentinel.

Servers are highly complex devices and very susceptible to environmental influences. A rise in temperature can lead to overheating, resulting in crashes or physical damage and even complete server failures. The correct humidity is crucial, too. Excessive humidity can result in corrosion, in a too dry climate static buildup of components can occur. Server rooms are usually aerated via an air conditioning system and even a minor error can result in too much or too little humidity.

ServerSentinel queries the values gathered by the USB hardware sensors and matches them to predefined thresholds. If a threshold value is exceeded, your monitoring software will warn you and enable you to start countermeasures.

Warnings can be sent via email or text message or conveyed via visual signals - e.g. by using the USB signal light.

Screenshot ServerSentinel showing hardware diagram

ServerSentinel enables you to track temperature and humidity continuously.