Main Window
In the upper part of the main window, all configured sensors are displayed.
Below you can find the collected data in the form of a list or graphical chart.
Chart View
The chart view visualizes the collected data of a sensor (here in 3D).
Entries marked in red signify that the sensor has tracked a failure. Orange markers denote that the sensor is in a "critical state" (in this case, the response time of the sensor exceeded 150 ms).
Raw Data View
ServerSentinel also provides a detailed view of the collected data of a sensor, where the raw data is presented in table form. The classification is identical: Orange = critical state, red = failure tracked.
Sensor Overview
ServerSentinel offers a range of predefined sensors that can be selected in the main menu.
Sensor Configuration
The sensors can be configured individually:
On the left side you can define general information of each sensor (e.g. name & check interval) as well as specific values (in this case the URL that is to be checked by the HTTP sensor). Furthermore, you can set conditions and related actions on the right site.
You can define any action that is to be carried out by ServerSentinel if certain conditions apply, e.g. notifications via SMS text message or email or the execution of a script. A wizard leads you through the configuration.