Flexible and Reliable Server and Network Monitoring

Flexible Windows Monitoring with PowerShell

Our wide range of sensors does not contain the right one for you? With a PowerShell script you can easily create a sensor according to your needs and cover exactly your specific use case.

  • You can use the PowerShell sensor to run a script locally or remotely. The script is stored in the ServerSentinel database and run via PowerShell Remoting on the target system. You do not have to deploy the script on the target system.
  • The PowerShell sensor allows you to create parameterized scripts. Do you want to monitor multiple processes on Windows at the same time? Just use the created script for several sensors and pass the process to be monitored as parameter to the script. The usual notation for parameters is used in the scripts.

To evaluate the script and to use the results in the conditions, you can specify which PowerShell variables to pass on.

The PowerShell sensor is available in the Enterprise Edition only.

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