ServerSentinel Visual Tour

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Visual Tour

Main Program

Main Window

In the upper part of the main window, all configured sensors are displayed. Below you can find the collected data in the form of a list or graphical chart.

Chart View

The chart view is a highly customizable visualization of the collected data of a sensor. It offers various display options such as time, size and sensor specific data.

Table View

The table view shows the data collected by a sensor as raw data giving more detailed information.

Sensor Overview

Sensors can be displayed in three different ways. They can either be shown as a list, a tree or using tiles

Sensor Configuration

The sensors can be configured individually. On the left side you can define general information of each sensor (e.g. name & check interval) as well as specific values. Furthermore, you can set conditions and related actions on the right site.

Action Overview

You can define any action that should be executed by ServerSentinel if certain conditions apply, e.g. notifications via SMS text message or email, the execution of a script or changing the state of a hardware device.

Action Configuration

The action editor allows you to configure the action in various ways.