Flexible and Reliable Server and Network Monitoring

Flexible Linux Monitoring with SSH

Can't cover your use case with the existing sensors, but you can solve it with a bash script? The Secure Shell (SSH) Sensor is just right for you.

  • You can use the SSH sensor to run a script remotely on your Linux system. The script is stored in the ServerSentinel database and run via SSH on the target system, so you do not have to deploy the script to the target system.
  • The sensor also supports parameterized scripts. Depending on the use case, you can use the same script for multiple sensors and set the specific parameters in the sensor. The usual notation for parameters is used in the scripts. To evaluate the script and to use the results in the conditions, you can extract information with regular expressions to pass them on.

The Secure Shell protocol is secure thanks to an encrypted connection. At the same time, monitoring your Linux-based systems via SSH sensor offers you more flexibility and efficiency. Keep an eye on the performance and availability of your servers.

The SSH Sensor is available in the Enterprise Edition only.

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