Flexible and Reliable Server and Network Monitoring

Easy Monitoring With the 1-Channel Contact Sensor

You need to monitor a smoke detector or motion detector? Simply use ServerSentinel in combination with compatible hardware. Connect a compatible device to the USB contact sensor and let ServerSentinel keep an eye on things. Errors and warnings will be processed automatically and safely.

Icon showing a contact sensor with 1 channel


  • PC-controlled contact sensor (connects to a potential-free contact)
  • Device specifications:
    • 5 V connector, ca. 0,5 mA
    • RoHS, CE & EN60950 conform/ IP30
    • USB cable, length ca. 2 m
    • USB power consumption ca. 25 mA
    • Multiple devices connected to a single PC can be controlled via the unique serial number
    • For indoor use only

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