Flexible and Reliable Server and Network Monitoring

ServerSentinel & USB Temperature Sensor

Simple & robust monitoring of room temperature

ServerSentinel can monitor the temperature in a server room with the help of the USB Temperature Sensor.
When an adjusted threshold value is exceeded, ServerSentinel executes a defined action, for example, immediately sends an email or text message.

Image showing cleware temperature sensor


  • Temperature sensor for use with a PC
  • Device specifications
    • USB device with 1.90 m cable
    • Aluminium case 25 mm x 15 mm x 40 mm
    • Valid temperature range: -20° to +80° C (using the sensor outside this range may destroy it)
    • Measuring accuracy ± 1° C, typically ± 0.2° C, at 20° C
    • Measuring resolution 0.0625° C
    • RoHS, CE & EN60950 conform/ IP57
    • Less than 50 mA power consumption
    • Splash-proof: The casting resign protects the sensor against humidity and splash-water. Anyway the sensor must not be operated under water for a long time, because the casting resign will very slowly absorb water. There is no guarantee that the sensor materials will not react with its environment.
  • Existing USB drivers are sufficient, no separate drivers have to be installed

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