ServerSentinel Use Cases

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Sensor-Based Monitoring: Use Cases

ServerSentinel ensures highly reliable monitoring of your systems with a variety of easily configurable sensors. You can easily configure them on the server or you can use Remote Client to access ServerSentinel from your workplace without the need to log on the server via remote desktop.

Each edition comes with 50 sensors, which are already included in the price. An unlimited number of sensors can be purchased in our online shop.

What is a Sensor and What is It For?

Sensors are monitoring elements that ServerSentinel uses to detect changes, events or certain signals sent by your IT system. ServerSentinel sensors measure available hard disk space, temperature in your server room, the CPU load etc. and respond accordingly.

Auto Discovery

Creating every sensor for its own can be time-consuming, especially if you need a broad variety of different sensors. With Auto Discovery, ServerSentinel introduces a smart assistant.

Auto Discovery is a comfort feature for ServerSentinel. It is a network scan that automatically creates sensors. Auto Discovery scans fixed parts of the network and prepares matching sensors itself.

Please note: Devices need to be accessible via "Ping" so they can be found by Auto Discovery.

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