Coming Soon: ServerSentinel 5.0

  • Solid Set of Sensors Enabling Unix/Linux Monitoring

  • Two Editions to Choose the Right One According to Your Needs

What Will Be New in ServerSentinel 5.0?

Our flexible server and network monitoring solution is just a few weeks away from release. With two editions, a bunch of sensors for Linux/Unix monitoring and additional Windows sensors the coming release will bring you a complete new scale of flexibility, optimized customization, and a whole lot of new monitoring functionality.

Linux/Unix Support

The IT infrastructure in your company includes Windows and Linux server and you want to keep an eye on both of them? The coming release makes it possible!

ServerSentinel 5.0 includes a variety of sensors for Linux/Unix monitoring :

  • System Load Sensor
  • Process Sensor
  • Disk Space Sensor
  • File Sensor
  • Directory Sensor
  • SSH Sensor

The set includes all sensors to cover the most use cases and to alert you in real-time before damage occurs. Do you have any special use cases and would like to have additional sensors? Please write us an email at

For Windows users the new version contains a PowerShell Sensor to execute PowerShell scripts and commands on the local and remote systems and to enable you to use the contents of PowerShell variables in the conditions.

Two Editions

With ServerSentinel 5.0 there will be two editions available allowing you to choose exactly the edition that will cover your needs and your use cases.

Be The First To Know

You are eager to get the new version as soon as possible and want to know when ServerSentinel 5.0 gets released? Just send us a short email, and we will notify you at the earliest date.