Flexible and Reliable Server and Network Monitoring

  • Monitor IT Systems
  • Create Rules Based Alerts
  • Analyze Collected Data to Prevent System Failure

Monitor Your Complete IT Infrastructure

ServerSentinel enables versatile and reliable monitoring of your server and network services as well as of local resources. The monitoring software reacts immediately in case of failures and irregularities. This minimizes server downtimes and increases the availability of monitored systems.

Image showing the main window of ServerSentinel
Unified Monitoring
Monitor everything: Visibility and insights across your entire heterogeneous IT infrastructure.
Remote Control
Remote Client: Access already collected data of the ServerSentinel database, configure sensors and create new sensors.
Flexible Configurable Sensors
Easy and fast configuration: You can adapt all sensors specifically to your requirements in no time.

Visual Tour

Main Window: Configured sensors and collected data at one glance

Visualization of the collected data

You get the detailed view of the collected data of a sensor.

ServerSentinel offers a range of predefined sensors.

All sensors can be adapted individually to your needs.

Sensor-Based Monitoring: Use Cases

ServerSentinel ensures reliable monitoring of your servers, network services as well as of hard disk space and memory usage. The smart monitoring software offers a wide choice of sensors that can be easily adapted to your specific use case and needs.

Different Versions for Different Requirements

Icon ServerSentinel

ServerSentinel Small Business Edition

Unlimited Number of Sensors - 50 Included
Email Sensors
USB Sensors
Windows Monitoring
Network Sensors*
Linux Monitoring
ServerSentinel Product Icon

ServerSentinel Enterprise Edition

Unlimited Number of Sensors - 50 Included
Email Sensors
USB Sensors
Windows Monitoring
Network Sensors
Linux Monitoring

* SNMP Request Sensor and SNMP Trap Sensor are available in the Enterprise Edition only.

Real-Time Protection

ServerSentinel reacts immediately in case of failures and irregularities. If an error or irregularity is tracked, ServerSentinel notifies you in real time. This immediate notification enables you to take precautions to avoid system failure and limitation of availability. ServerSentinel can also take immediate action by running automatic scripts or programs that can take corrective actions.

Operate via Remote: Remote Client

The Remote Client is your remote control for our monitoring solution that you can simply install on any computer. With this feature you can analyze the collected data, configure and create new sensors directly from your workplace. There is even no need to establish a remote desktop connection to the server.


ServerSentinel can be installed on any edition of the current Windows operating systems (64-bit). .NET 4.7.2 will be required and may be installed during setup. Microsoft SQL Server Standard is available in a bundle with ServerSentinel.


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ServerSentinel is the reliable and automated monitoring software for servers, network services, hard drives and memory usage. With various monitoring sensors and individually definable testing intervals, ServerSentinel monitors systems for failures and irregularities. Read the complete review.

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