ShellBrowser Delphi Components

Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for Delphi

Integrate Shell-related Dialogs

Let users of your Delphi applications interact with your software with the help of dialogs they already know from the Windows Explorer. ShellBrowser Components Delphi offers a wide range of dialog components.


Easily display a Windows dialog box with the TJamBrowseForFolder component, enabling your users to select and open folders. The TJamBrowseForFolder component is used like a TOpenDialog visual component; it is started using the Execute method. The selected folder will be assigned to the property "Path".


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Connecting a net drive can be very simple: use the TJamNetConnectionDialog component to show the Windows dialog leading the user through the process of creating a new net drive.


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Facilitate easy disconnecting of network drives with the TJamDisconnectDialog component. The component shows a list of all currently connected network drives. A user of your application can simply choose one or more net drives and disconnect them.


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With the TJamFileOperation component you can perform file operations like copy, move, rename, or delete. The component is activated like a TOpenDialog, with the call to the Execute Method. The selected operation will be performed to the files in the property SourceFiles. To use the component, simply add the files, to which the operation should be performed, to the SourceFiles property, set the Destination path, choose the operation you want to perform, and call the Execute method.


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