ShellBrowser Delphi Components

Native Windows Shell Functionalities for Delphi Applications

Integrate Windows Shell Functionalities in Your Application

While a lot of the ShellBrowser Delphi Components functionality is available through the visual components, there might be times, where you need some plain file system functionality. ShellBrowser offers two main classes that you can use to code additional functionalities.

TShellBrowser is an invisible component facilitating the integration of Windows shell features in your Explorer-like application. With its different properties, it makes it possible to include every native Windows Explorer functionality required.

You can integrate your own popup menus in the explorer context menu. We use the TShellBrowser component in TreeSize, our famous File & Disk Space Management Tool. Here it provides the Explorer context menu for the TreeSize User Interface. 

ItemIdList explained

The TJamItemIdList is used throughout ShellBrowser components internally. You might easily run across some property or method that makes use of this type or its IItemIdList abstraction.

An ItemIdList wraps a Windows ItemIdList. Like a file system path (as a string), it is used to reference elements in the file system, but it is more flexible: not all elements you see in Windows Explorer have a file system path (like the “This PC” virtual folder or a file on an attached mobile device), but they can be represented by an ItemIdList. This is the base for the ability to gather attributes for an element, enumerate it, get its context menu, take part in drag-and-drop operations and much more.

The most frequently used properties will probably be the name and path properties, but the class can also be used to read and write shell properties and Invoking Commands.

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