ShellBrowser WPF Components


What is New in ShellBrowser WPF Components?

Version 1.3

New features and improvements

  • Setup: ShellBrowser.WPF now supports .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0. The assemblies are shipped as NuGet packages and will be installed in a local NuGet repository. Usage is described here.
  • ShellContextMenu: Using the property "SystemStyle", the ShellContextMenu can now be transformed into a native WPF menu. 
  • ShellListView: Using the "FullRowSelect" property you can control if the item selection covers only the caption or if all subitems are included (default).
  • ShellContextMenu: Two events "BeforeCommandExecute" and "AfterCommandExecute" were added to the ShellContextMenu: BeforeCommandExecute is called after the user has clicked an item from the shell context menu, but before the command is executed. The event may be used for intercepting and cancelling the command execution. AfterCommandExecute is called after a menu item has been processed and can be used if you need to take further action.
  • ShellTreeView: Some frequently used methods have been added to the ShellTreeView: CreateDir, AddRoot, ClearRoots.
  • ShellChangeNotifier: Some Windows notifications are sent more than once. To avoid problems in notification handlers, double notifications of the following types will be filtered: NotificationEvents.NetShare, NotificationEvents.NetUnshare, NotificationEvents.DriveRemove, NotificationEvents.DriveAdd, NotificationEvents.MediaInsert, NotificationEvents.FileDelete.
  • General: The ShellBrowser.WPF Components no longer support Windows Vista and cannot be installed on a system below Windows 7.


  • General: Fixes concerning per monitor high dpi have been incorporated. Please check the knowledge base on how to activate per Monitor V2 scaling for applications using ShellBrowser.
  • ShellListView: When the user changes the view of the ShellListView via its background context menu, the changed value is reflected in the "ShellListView.ViewState" dependency property.
  • ShellTreeView: A NullRefererenceException that might have occurred when deleting the folder representing a root node is now prevented.
  • FilePreview: Fixed possible NullReferenceExceptions that might have occurred when previewing images.
  • FilePreview: A possible ArgumentException that might have occurred when trying to preview a MHT file is now handled. Please note that the error only happened when running the previewing process from Visual Studio Debugger. Previewing still won't work in this situation, but the exception is handled.
  • ShellChangeNotifier: Instead of reporting it as a "NetShare" event, the notification handler now reports the unsharing of a folder correctly as "NotificationEvents.NetUnshare".

20 October 2021