Privacy Policy for Usage of Google Contacts

This document provides information about the usage of Google data in SmartCallMonitor.

SmartCallMonitor provides the possibility to the user to import Google contacts from a Google account. However, this is not a necessity and does not restrict other usages of SmartCallMonitor in any way.

When importing Google contacts to SmartCallMonitor, you agree to this privacy policy and to the usage of the imported Google contacts described in this document.

Except the possibility to access Google contacts via the official Google Contacts API, SmartCallMonitor does not access any other Google API or any other Google user data.

Access of Google contacts

Without explicit authorization by the user, SmartCallMonitor does not access any Google user data.

To authorize SmartCallMonitor for the usage of Google contacts, the user must visit the respective settings page in the software. This settings page provides further instructions on the authorization process. During the authorization steps the user will be redirected to a Google website, where he can login to a Google account. Afterwards, the user may explicitly consent to the usage of the account's Google contacts by SmartCallMonitor according to this privacy policy. Only then SmartCallMonitor will try to access the account's Google contacts.

The authorization is processed via the industry standard protocol OAuth 2.0.

Google contacts are imported via the official Google contacts API. The access to the data is read-only; SmartCallMonitor does not change the Google account's contact data in any way.

After successful authorization, SmartCallMonitor receives a unique token and saves it in a settings file in the user-specific Windows directory. This token enables SmartCallMonitor to further access the Google contacts API and read the Google contacts of the authorized account.

The consent to the access of Google contacts by SmartCallMonitor can be revoked at any time by logging in to the according Google account and performing the necessary steps. Further information on this topic can be found here:

Usage and storage of Google contacts

On receiving the Google contacts via the Google contacts API, SmartCallMonitor first saves the contact data to the memory of the application.

The imported Google contacts serve the main purpose of SmartCallMonitor, i.e. identifying a caller on the phone.

When a call is monitored by SmartCallMonitor, the in-memory Google contact data is searched for the caller number. On a successful match, the contact data belonging to this number is shown to the user in a desktop popup and is attached to the monitored call's data. The call data is visualized in the call history view of the software, and is saved to a file in the user-specific Windows directory. The user can view and delete these calls at any time in the SmartCallMonitor call history view.

Optionally, the imported Google contacts can be saved to the SmartCallMonitor contacts. These contacts are as well saved to a file in the user-specific Windows directory. The user can view, edit and delete these contacts at any time in the SmartCallMonitor contacts view. Editing or deleting the contacts in SmartCallMonitor does not impact the Google contact data of the authorized Google account.

Neither does SmartCallMonitor share the Google user data with any third party, nor is it shared with JAM Software GmbH. SmartCallMonitor only saves this data to the hard drive of the user.

Changes in access or usage of Google user data

A SmartCallMonitor update can lead to changes to this privacy policy, to the access or usage of Google user data. In this case, the user will always be informed about these changes timely and appropriately. The user will be given the chance to consent with or decline these changes, before SmartCallMonitor further accesses any Google user data.

For any questions or requests regarding this privacy policy, please contact the responsible party for the development of SmartCallMonitor:


JAM Software GmbH

Am Wissenschaftspark 26

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Managing Director: Joachim Marder