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SmartCallMonitor Professionalv3.1Powerful solution for a modern telephony system



The journal summarizes all calls and the associated data. You can adapt this overview flexibly according to your requirements and needs. This applies both to the data to be displayed and to its position.


All contacts in your address book are summarised as "Contacts". Contacts are automatically created for incoming and outgoing calls. This way your address book fills itself.


The control panel provides an overview of all available lines and all current calls. The line used for outgoing calls can also be selected here.


Here you can see the number of calls, total duration of telephone calls, duration per call, duration per line. Data are graphically visualized with a suitable diagram.

Pop-up Window

The pop-up window at the bottom right shows a clear overview of incoming and/or outgoing call data. Here, too, you can change the settings as required.