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You are a Microsoft Most Valued Professional or a Microsoft Certified Trainer?

Here's what we can offer you!

SmartCallMonitor provides instant call identification and at a glance delivers caller data from multiple sources. You only need TAPI-capable hardware such as ISDN cards, telephone systems, etc., devices that have an NCID (Network Caller ID) server, such as FRITZ! box or CallerID-capable components such as modems, fax or mobile phones.

This is how SmartCallMonitor will simplify your daily office life:

  • You can accept and finish calls, call outgoing numbers, hold or broker calls (connecting a caller after, for example, having spoken to someone else).
  • Incoming and outgoing calls are automatically transferred to the integrated address book at your request.
  • The search for caller information is automatically done in your Google contacts, in online services and directly on Google. The new caller information is automatically adopted.
  • You can easily and conveniently manage contacts in the integrated address book.
  • You can also pick up phone numbers from other applications such as MS Word, web browsers etc. at the touch of a button to simply make calls.
  • Call-back reminders can be created with just a few clicks.

Do you need 2 TAPI lines and more or additional sophisticated functions for your company, such as powerful statistics, connection to customer databases or a remote client setup? SmartCallMonitor Professional offers you a professional telephony solution tailored to your needs.


SmartCallMonitor is freeware for Windows Vista and upwards.

We protect your privacy! The plug-in "Shariff" makes sure that your data will not be transferred to social networks unless you click one of the share buttons. Learn more.