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TreeSize Freev4.4Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs


Tree view

Easily find large folders or subfolders in the Windows Explorer-like tree view.
The gradient bar in the background visualizes the amount of disk space each folder or subfolder occupies. In the "Options" menu you can configure the bar's color or switch it off entirely.

Columns view

The columns view provides additional information regarding files, folders and subfolders. You can select which columns you want to see and sort them according to your requirements.
Optional columns include (but are not limited to):

  • File or folder name
  • Full path
  • Size information
  • Allocated disk space and percentage of space occupied in parent directory
  • File type
  • Last change and access date
  • Folder attributes
  • File or folder permissions

Treemap (2D)

The hierarchical treemap shows you which filey types are found in which folders. It will also visualize the size of each folder for easy disk space management.

Treemap (3D)

You prefer a more three-dimansional view? Simply switch to the 3D treemap chart!


If your eyes react sensitively to brightness, the Dark Mode offers a welcome alternative. You can access the proven functions as usual via a user-friendly interface.

Touch Interface

Use the touch interface to manage disk space on touchscreen devices (Windows 8 and higher) quickly and intuitively.

Configure details

In the "View" menu you will find all the tools you need to configure the way scan results will be presented.

You can select if the results shall be sorted, select the sort criterium, define the value in which the file and folder sizes be calculated in (or simply let TreeSize Free select the most appropriate setting), select the number of decimal places shown in size information, and toggle the columns or tree views.

Most functions of this menu can be accessed via the shortcuts included in the menu.

Options menu

General configuration can be performed in the "Options" menu. Here you can tailor TreeSize Free to your requirements. Choose how TreeSize Free will perform scans and which information will be presented during the scan process, e.g. if NTFS compressed files and folders shall be highlighted or whether files shall be shown in the directory tree.

Filter scan results

Sometimes it is necessary to break down scan results to a certain level of information, for example to check how many files of a file type are stored in a folder. TreeSize Free offers a highly-evolved pattern filter, enabling you to define precisely, how the scan results shall be filtered.

In the dialog you can easily add or remove patterns and select how TreeSize will match them. Choose between the match types "Wildcard", "Regular Expression", and "Whole name".

Preview filter impact

If you want to gage how a filter will affect your scan results, simply use the "Preview" feature for any existing pattern. You can browse the folder structure in the preview window: Treesize Free marks all files the pattern will find in green, all results that will be excluded by the filter are presented in red.

The sample above shows which files the pattern "include .jpg match against filename as wildcard" will include in the selected folder.