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TreeSize Freev4.3Quickly Scan Directory Sizes and Find Space Hogs

Visualize Disk Space Usage with Treemaps

Which file types are cluttering up your hard drive? Where are the large folders? TreeSize Free grants a quick overview over your hard disks.

The hierarchical treemap shows a colored square for each folder, file type or the available space on your drive. Each rectangle's size is directly proportional to the folder's size.

Treemap in TreeSize Free

The detailed display in the bottom of the window saves space when the tile diagram and detail view are activated at the same time.

Treemap in TreeSize Free

TreeSize Professional and TreeSize Personal offer additional visualization options!

Switch to the 3D view if you prefer the cushion style.

3D treemap in TreeSize Free

Use the intuitive mouse navigation to gain insight into folders and access detailed information. Set the treemap's granularity with the slider. Your free disk space manager TreeSize Free helps you keep on top of disk space usage.


Professional Disk Space Management

Find and remove duplicate files, see the 100 largest files, gain access to handy NTFS features, use a wide range of exporting options, and run scans automatically with TreeSize Professional.

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