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Native VCL Explorer Shell Controls for Delphi

Full drag and drop support

The visual components TJamShellTree, TJamShellList, and TJamSystemShellView enable you to emulate the Windows Explorer's behavior as well as its look and feel.

One of the central features the Windows Explorer offers is the ability to move or copy files by dragging them with the mouse and dropping them on the desired location. Creating this effect in your application is easy: both components offer full drag and drop support as well as Vista-style drag icons and drag hints.

Drag Icons supported

You can test the ShellBrowser Delphi Components's drag and drop capabilities in our JamExplorer sample application.

Drag and drop support for your controls: the TJamDropFiles component

If you want to include drag and drop operations in your application without using the ShellTree or ShellList component, you can use the invisible TJamDropFiles Delphi component.

By connecting it to any Delphi Control you can capture, control and implement Drag&Drop events (DragEnter, DragLeave, DragOver, Drop) raised for the connected control.

The event arguments contain a list of files that are being dragged and enable you to specify the intended DropEffect (none, copy, move, or link). You could, for example, add the names of specific files to a standard TListBox while rejecting other files (i.e. preventing them from being dropped).

With the help of TJamDropFiles, any control can interact with the file system via Drag&Drop. More examples are available in our demo application JAMDragDrop.

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