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Simple, fast, and compact folder permissions analysis with TreeSize

TreeSize offers you the opportunity to create fast, clear, and compact reports about access permissions on folders and files within a scanned directory.

With TreeSize you'll be able to:

  • Display all inherited permissions on folders
  • Display general folder access permissions
  • Get a clear and compact overview
  • Indicate the type of rights within a tested directory (read, write, delete)
  • Export all collected data to Excel or to an HTML, XML, or text file

Reports compiled with TreeSize include the display of all inherited permissions as well as an overview about general folder access rights within a tested directory. The column "Own Permissions" only shows the non-inherited permissions. In contrast, the column "Inherited Permissions" shows those permissions that were passed on e.g. to newly created folders. Thus, you can quickly identify folders which did not inherit all their permissions from their parent directories.

TreeSize presents the owner of each folder and file as well as all applicable permissions in a clear, compact, and easy to read format.

TreeSize also allows you to export all scan results into several data formats such as HTML, XML, text file, or even Excel. You'll be able to create further analysis or special reports which may be used e.g. for security audits.

Coming Soon to SpaceObServer
The upcoming Version 6 of SpaceObServer will enable you to collect the access permissions of files and folders and store them in the database. Easily create filters for certain criteria (e. g. user name, permission type, owned or inherited permissions) and use them on a scanned folder structure.
learn more about SpaceObServer version 6.

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